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Test Centers Review
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     By swethavasu16 1 0

GMAT Location:
NTTF, Electronic City, Bangalore-India.
This centre is quite close to the Electronic City Toll and has NTTF written in blue (visible when you take the flyover from silk board towards the toll)

8:30 AM slot.

I was at the centre at around 7:45 AM assuming that the procedures would start early. However, the invigilator arrived at 8:15 AM, did a quick passport check (generally passport is preferred over other proofs) and admitted us into the exam room at sharp 8:30 AM.

Exam Facility:
(1) There are about 6 computers in the room (3 on each side). The room is shut using sliding doors which creak a little. Ears plugs are provided at the centre and you may use them to avoid distractions caused by the noise of the sliding doors

(2) The wash-room is located in a different block. You may have to walk down from the first floor of the exam hall to the grond floor of the adjacent block (for men) and the first floor of the adjacent block (for women)- this is a negative

(3)The invigilators are very responsive and attend quickly

(4)There is a water dispenser at the hall

(5)Sweaters and Jackets are not permitted inside the exam room and must be placed in the locker situated right outside the hall. The locket is fairly big and can accommodate quite a lot of things

(6)You may bring your own food to eat during the 8 minute breaks and store them in the locker. There were no restrictions placed on the same during my exam. (I did not take a break for more than 3 min. I wanted to maintain the momentum)

If you stay close to Electronic City, you may chose this centre. It is less crowded and the invigilators are accommodating. however, this centre has the disadvantage of a distantly situated rest room. If you think you can manage to run to the restroom and be back before the 8 Min. break ends or, if you think you can write without using one, then, go ahead!

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1 Commented by mohitkm on September 17, 2013
My GMAT Appointment is on Nov 28th, Nettur Centre. I scheduled it just now after going through your post. So, I am really grateful for finding this thread and particularly this post.

I was anxious as I have already faced some problem with a previous centre. My previous appointment at Xenitis Technolab Pvt Ltd,Kolkata was cancelled due to "system escalation" just 12 days before my original appointment. Rescheduling was done free of cost, of course. Originally, I was supposed to appear for GMAT on Sept 26th but now I have wait for 2 months.

But anyways, thanks for this review. It gave me a good deal of confidence to book my appointment here.
Test Centers Review
Think edu. Advisory LLP
January 25 | 2016
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     By Youraisemeup 123 23
Location: Mumbai, India

I have given gmat twice so far.

Once at Andheri location where i scored 690.
Second tym at the captioned centre at marine lines. Here it was a horrible experience and i had to cancel my score. In middle of my quant section, the test got disconnected and had to re login again and all the noise from outside made me anxious. I scored a meagre 640.. which im skeptical was due to disruption..
The centre guys r not at all professional. Please stick to the andheri one unless u want a score cancellation or your money wasted.

Fyi im reappearing again at andheri centre and that one is the best option in Mumbai in my op.

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Test Centers Review
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     By anujagarwal11 22 -23

I have read reviews of the test center on GMATClub and they were pretty negative. Well, I gave my GMAT in this center and I have to say this center is pretty good. Its a small center and this has its advantages, you have lesser number of students, also the rest room is just outside the testing area, so one wouldn't waste much time going out. Also, less students appearing means less disturbance, and the staffs are really helpful. They aren't stern like you would find in other centers where they have a pressure of handling lot more students. Also, the test center is quiet, no external noise and that's a plus point. In all, the test center is really good.

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Test Centers Review
September 02 | 2015
     By cmatkar 1 0

Had taken up GMAT long back in December 2014 at this centre in Koramangala near the 5th Block. My exam timings were from 9am to 1pm and I had chosen this timing as I was comfortable with the same. When I reached the centre at 8:00 am there was no one !! not the instructors, no office boys. I didn't understand why did they call us so early if there was just to be sitting blank. finally the watchman of the building - a boy - opened the centre and allowed me and another test-taker to sit inside. He also said that the supervisor would reach in some time and to wait, but to our demise! The supervisor never turned up and kept 3 of us test takers anxious , waiting and perplexed. Finally guess what, the watchman himself booted the systems and set up the iris scan etc. where he ultimately got stuck somewhere and then couldn't fix the issue. it was already 9:30-10 by this time, already crossed the actual time of the exam. we just kept waiting and building up our anxiety. Finally the supervisor came from nowhere with his still sleepy eyes, and started doing something. Every time we asked him something, he appeared rude and asked us to wait a while. finally around 11:30 he sorted the issue and asked us to get inside the centre. Traumatic it was. After this experience I humbly recommend only Pearson run centre.

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Test Centers Review
Malaysia test centre - Nice
November 08 | 2012
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     By gurpreetsingh 2795 1509

Centre Name : Word Ware Distributors SDN BHD
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MYS

City & Country : Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Very near to Kuala Lumpur

Parking facility : I travelled by Cab so I m not sure, but the location is very corporate strategic so should be okie.

Invigilator Reviews : Strict and good. More details below.

Environment : Nice

Rating 5/5 : 5/5

Debrief Link :

Do's & Don't s : NA

Additional Info : I went to the centre 3 days before during the office time to check how much time does it take. I took only the public transport. But if you check my debrief I was not in healthy condition so I took cab straight from my home. It did cost me much but I had no choice. I did notice the traffic condition during my test visit so I knew the traffic won;t be much higher.
My test was at 9 but I reached there around 7:30.

I did confirm what things I need to bring before my real test, even though I knew that for international test takers I need to bring my passport and Gmat confirmation. :) I paid 250 USD so I have the right to ask.

The test centre is bit hard to find as people over there confuse you where to do. So visit the centre before hand. The test centre is at third Floor in Block F. The company name is bit different. I think may be because of subsidiary names on the boards. I m sry I do not remember much details of it.

The rooms are quite and lockers & washroom are very near. Good thing is very few test takers actually take during the working days. There are around 4-5 pc and only two of us were giving the test. I was sick and I requested him to allow me to have some strepcils as an emergency aid. He denied. I said I will put in before I go inside? He said U can not put anything inside the mouth too.

I took God's name and went for the battle. My battle details you can view in my debrief.

You can message me if you need pointers or any help in Malaysia.

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Test Centers Review
May 30 | 2012
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     By dhruvjain 5 0
Location: Pune, India

This was my second Gmat exam (first one being in New Delhi). When compared Puna center does not stand a chance, otherwise it is a decent place. Professional & Courteous staff - Compact center with very few computers - terrible bathroom - and a bit on the outskirts of Pune(even though Pune is a small city). A piece of advice : do not take ur gmat here if you do not speak Hindi.

Delhi center on the other hand is bang in the center of south delhi - bigger - much more international feel to it - staff is excellent and actually encouraging.

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1 Commented by nitz19arg on August 02, 2014
hi Dr

I want to book a date for GMAT. Im not sure whether to book the Pune test centre as while searching online, I found a variety of complaints raised against it . Im writing some of them here:

1 Midway in the exam, power went off and there was a 1 hour delay!

2 Mouse got stuck in the end minutes and 2-3 questions could not be attempted. The mgmt did not help in any way.

3 Centre is not soundproof, one guy told me that while giving the exam, there was noise of bollywood songs being played on the streets.

Can anyone advice me the future course of action as I dont want to take any risks on the test day.

Will a Mumbai centre be more apt here which is tried and tested by many?
Test Centers Review

Parking facility : Nope, its in the middle of CBD. Take a train. The station is just a 5 min walk.
Invigilator Reviews : Mixed. There were two ladies there. The first one was a little mean. And she gave me one of those sheets to work on and one non working pen. So while I was writing my AWA I had to go out to get another one (my time was still running). And once my quant started I couldn't be bothered going out and looking for her so I just kept erasing on my own. then while I was 3/4ths into the quant section another guy came in to write the test and the really nice lady came in. She gave me like 7 sheets. Which were enough.
Environment : Alright. The keyboards are VERY noisy. And there are people writing all sorts of tests there. So people come and go. But it wasn't too noisy.

Having said this, I don't think I was heavily disadvantaged. I got a 730 (Q49, V41). I might've done slightly better on the quant had I not spent so much time erasing. But I think its a decent reflection of my abilities so I don't have much to complain about.

For anyone who takes a test there. My friend took the GMAT 7 days before me and was given extra sheets by the nice invigilator. I suggest you ask for extra sheets early on.

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