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Test Centers Review
They have improved!
April 29 | 2013
     By Anonymous 48 159

So just to say that the London testing centre is finally worth the ridiculously high price tag we pay for the GMAT. They finally give you proper large notebooks with 10 pages as opposed to 5 pages they would give out before. The staff seemed a lot more professional and they actually seemes to understand the stress test takes are going through and try to make your life easy.

My first testing experience was in early 2012 was not very good. The proctor was a disaster, following the rules to the letter and just doing everything possible to make the testing experience miserable. She would even walk as slowly as possible with a new pad instead of running to get it to you. The finale was having the aircon blowing over my head, ended up taking the rest of the day sick as I was unable to move my neck

When I retook my exam in March 2013 it was really good. Staff seemed a lot more reasonable and cooler, would rush to you with a clean booklet as opposed to walk as slowly as possible, etc. The 10 pager booklet made a huge difference as I have large handwriting!

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Test Centers Review
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     By SeniorFlunky 43 100

Parking facility : None AKA in central London? Bwahahahaha!
Invigilator Reviews : Polite, efficient - did not offer to test pen ;)
Environment : Quiet, desk approx 1.5m square with high dividers. No ear plugs provided but headphones are present (I guess for tests that need them)
Additional Info : Test scratch pad was not like the one shown here. It was in fact laminated white A4 sheets with a heavy black grid sectioned into rectangles about 10mm x 7mm. I forgot to count how many pages were provided but there were at least 10 sides which was more than adequate.

Debrief Link : http://gmatclub.com/forum/740-q49-v42-awa-98204.html

Do's & Don't s : Don't change your routine based on what worked for other people.

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