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     By alfrep 21 7
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center

Excellent, easy to find. But there is no parking, go early to find a spot.

Facilities and restrooms
Everything clean and they have fresh water. However, they do not have lockers. They take your things and store them until the end of the exam. If you want something from your bag in the break you have to ask one of the supervisors to bring your bag, take what you want out, and ask the supervisor to store the bag again. You should not bring anything valuable because you don't know who may have easy access to your things and the test center is not responsible. In addition, make sure you get enough scratch paper before starting the test, because if you need more you would have to go upstairs, ask for a new one and then go again downstairs. That might mean at least 2 minutes. I don't take too many notes so it was more than enough for me.

Noise level
No noise from street. However, you can constantly hear people going up or down the stairs next to the room. The noise from other test takers next to you can be annoying too because the keyboards make a lot of noise when typing.

Here comes the big problem. When I took the exam there were two women. The younger one was friendly, but the other seemed very angry since the first minute I saw her. She was in an extremely bad mood. During the first break, because of her fault I lost 2 minutes in my Q section and had to start it arguing with her instead of relaxing and concentrating during the break. She didn't want to log me in because she told me she was not able to do it, and the other woman (the younger one) was talking on the phone and the old woman told me she could not be interrupt the young woman because the phone call was more important than my exam. After complaining A LOT the old woman finally went down the stairs telling me her user and password will probably not work. The user did work but it was already around 2 minutes late and I could not concentrate properly during the first half of the Q section.

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Test Centers Review
Excellent Test Center
April 04 | 2012
     By codytravers 149 31
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Dallas, TX USA

I used the Dallas, TX Pearson VUE center twice. Both times, the test center was absolutely wonderful and very conducive to taking a nerve-wracking exam such as the GMAT. The proctors were very cordial and quick to respond to any questions. On my 2nd visit, the lady who checked me in even made sure to take all phones to prevent test-takers from touching it in their locker and thus, having their test cancelled.

Additionally, the testing center was very easy to find, and I never had any trouble with parking either time. The room was very quiet and well lit, and I experienced no trouble regarding computer log-ins, scratch pads, or noise. A+

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Test Centers Review
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     By ijoshi 21 12

Was the test center conveniently located? :yes
Was it easy to find?:yes
Were the staff polite and respectful?: Yes, but unprofessional
Were there proper facilities and restrooms? :yes
What was the noise level from external sources (street, lights, A/C, etc)? :low to medium
Why would you retake the test here?:No,never

After finishing my AWA, I took my 8 minute break. I went outside, took a walk, came back and when there were almost 20 seconds left for the Verbal section to start, I pressed RESUME. And what do I see? A stupid windows screen asking for the Device Manager’s password. I raised my hand and waited for the instructor to come. I could see the clock eating away time from my Quant section. Tired of holding my hand up, I knocked on the glass door loudly and fortunately, a passerby(not an employee) saw me and ran to alert the instructors. By the time the instructor arrived, I had lost around 2 minutes of my time, add to that the time the instructor took to enter his password, and leave the room. Then by the time I realized what was going on, I skipped the instruction screen and came to my exam screen. I had lost some 3 minutes of my time and started to panic. I don’t even remember what the questions were like in the beginning and during the middle of the exam I was some 9 minutes behind the target time of 2 minutes per question. I raised my hand to ask for a new scratch sheet and again tired of holding up my hand, I knocked on the glass door loudly, and the lazy instructors arrived. I had lost my confidence and the thought that I had struggled with the Quant timing during my practice test kept popping up in my head and somehow with great effort I was able to keep my emotions of anger, worry and fear at rest while I wrote the exam. Henceforth I stopped looking at the time and concentrated. But by the time I reached the end I was in panic state again and was reading and guessing since I had no time.

I took my eight minute break after Quant, kept my feelings to myself, didn’t share them with the instructors/management outside, and utilized the time to motivate myself. I went to the washroom, spoke to myself in the mirror, and asked myself to give all that I have to Verbal since it was my only hope. I took an extra scratch pad in advance to be safe (and prevent the arm-ache that I would have experienced) and started my Verbal. I kept giving myself little pep talks whenever I felt scared. I finished within time and got my scores.

After the exam I went to speak to the management outside and they asked me my score and reacted as if I was a geek to complain about my scores because in their 4 year career at the centre, they knew of only one other person who got more than 700. I lost it that time and told him that he is nobody to pass comments on my scores or how perfect I want them to be. His senior informed me that he, himself was informed too late about the issue and although could have added a few additional minutes to my Quant to my time, didn’t do so because he didn’t want to disturb me further. Typing all this here makes me realize how ridiculous the entire staff was. I told him I will file a complaint with please guide me with this) and he said he will too inform VUE that it was their fault.
I will be going back to them to get proper documentation done for the complaint.

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Test Centers Review
Singapore Test Center
March 19 | 2012
     By anandin 25 9

Easy location near the MRT.
Noise level was ok (the test room faces the road but windows are high up and closed).
Staff were polite and quick.
Restroom was easy access, just opposite to the test center.
A/C level was good.
As the chair is facing the wall, you get least distraction. You will be literally staring at the blank wall every time you think.
The thing to note is, they dont have drinking water facility. So buy one before you enter the test center. There is one 7-11 in level 1 ,which is open in early mornings also( in case if ur test time is around 9)

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Test Centers Review
Great test center
March 12 | 2012
     By jjh999 0 0
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Oakland, CA USA

This center is great. Very easy to find, lots of parking (lots), but best of all, the staff is fantastic. They were very patient and professional. Very relaxed and calm vibe. Just what I needed! The center is very clean, and not loud at all. Lockers are located just outside of the testing area.

Check-in was fast and easy. I got there 30 min early and because they are so efficient, I was able to start my test 20 min early.

Right across the street from BART which is very convenient.

I highly recommend this center for you GMAT testing needs. :-)

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Test Centers Review
Test Center Review
March 09 | 2012
     By KAsh4GMAT 0 0

My test was on 12 noon so i got plenty of time in the morning to revised math formulae one last time..Since i knew this area in and out test center was very easy to find ,located near main haighway and near to my place,just 2 to 3 miles.Staff was very respectful and allowed me to start ahed on my scheduled time.Staff provided me 2 yellow books and 2 pen and asked me whether I need earplugs.Facilities in the center included restrooms,siting arrengment if one wants to relax,water cooler and ofcourse a locker to store our belongings.the noise level from external sources street, lights, A/C, etc was null, in all very comfortable room temprature .I would retake the test here again since its very close to my home.

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Test Centers Review
Tel Aviv test center review
March 06 | 2012
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     By Anonymous 132 40
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

The test center is located not far from a railroad station. Though it is a 20 minutes walk, talking a taxi should be better. It is easy to locate.

The test center itself is quite a small office, with some chairs and lockers to store your personal belongings. The restrooms are located outside the test center "office", a 10 meters walk.

The workers of the test center are pleasant and nice, and the identification process was fast and easy. The test room was quiet and chairs were comfortable.
The computer station was somewhat "packed" - the computer case is located on the table. horizontally, and the monitor is located on top of it. If you wish to move the keyboard aside, you have to position it in an uncomfortable way which takes from the space available to place your pens and papers.

As there are no other test centers in Israel, there isn't much choice.

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Test Centers Review
     By FromScratch 14 16
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Oslo, Norway

The test center is located centrally in Drammen, and is easy to find and close to the train station. The staff is very friendly, and the center itself is modern. However, there were some major drawbacks:

1) The center did not provide ear plugs, although they promised in advance that they would. I had to wear big, heavy, and uncomfortable headphones instead.

2) The writing pad is very different from the one I bought from MGMAT (which, I suppose, should be a very exact copy of the pad most centers have) The squares on the pad are very large, so it is virtually impossible to do all the quant questions with one pad. One also has to write way bigger than what one is used to.

3) The test administrator is not in the same room as the test takers, but watches the room on a camera. When you need a new booklet, you have to wave at the camera, and it will take a while for her to get there. There is also no way of knowing if she has seen you before she arrives a couple of minutes later. Maybe a minor thing, but it wastes time, and distracts you during the test.

4) The keyboards are in Norwegian format. To use special signs, like " - : : ? etc. one has to know touch on an English keyboard, as the keys are different and unmarked.

5) There is only one toilet for eight test takers. You do not want to end up standing in a line during your pause!

6) All in all, the security and quality seems way poorer than what I expected, having seen the movies of the GMAT test centers online.

The temperature in the room is fine, and the room is quiet. The staff, as mentioned are very helpful.

To conclude, had I had any other choice, I would go elsewhere. Only problem is that it is the only GMAT test center in Norway. If you are traveling, and can go elsewhere, I would recommend doing so.

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Test Centers Review
Not Great, But Not Terrible
February 11 | 2012
     By naabrams 1 0
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center

I took my GMAT at the Pearson's center in Westminster, CO a few weeks ago. My experience wasn't great, but it could have been better.

*Easy to find, plenty of parking.
*Quiet, even without earplugs/headphones (both are available)
*Good climate - not too hot, not too cold
* Comfortable work station
* Clean bathroom

* Rude staff
* Staff were slow - A proctor was dithering when I tried to log back in to the test before the end of my break. I purposely returned to the test area with ~2 min before my test would resume to avoid any potential delays. However, the proctor was busy grabbing his soda and was not available to log me back into the test, so I was ~2 min late on my verbal section.

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Test Centers Review
Not a very good center
February 09 | 2012
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     By str1der 374 155
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Chandigarh, India

I took my GMAT here last August. The center is located in an OK facility. Chandigarh is an extremely well planned city, so finding parking and locating the building is not an issue at all. However, the test center itself is a small portion of a larger facility, which does tests for other Pearson/Prometric products and also provides coaching to students. So there was a LOT of movement before i entered the testing room, and that is NOT ideal as it can really distract you. The testing facility itself is very small. About 4 terminals which are OK spaced but if compared to the Delhi center, appear cramped.

The invigilator is OK again. I had heard that she's very pretty and sweet, and I would say that is largely true. However, I am there to take an exam and not gawk at her. The lockers are again cramped and very inconvenient.

The worst experience about this center is that its TOO Cold. I actually started sneezing during the test, and I am highly averse to cold. So I basically didn't feel good during the test and ended up screwing it. I did ask them to lower the temperature, and in fact, I had worn a sweatshirt to take the test even though it was Summers. Still - I got that cold.

The second worst thing about this test center is the washroom. Its the common wash room of sorts, located OUTSIDE the test center and above the main facility - doesn't this violate Pearson's policy? I mean my driver was waiting for me outside, I could have might as well handed him my GMAT notes and taken and read them during the break. I went to the washroom without any supervisor.

The washroom itself is filthy and dysfunctional. So I would recommend you finish all your bowel movements at home.

All in all, a disappointing GMAT experience. Compared to Delhi, a center which has been functioning since 5+ years now, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

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1 Commented by anilhr on July 17, 2013
Parking facility : Test center conveniently located and was easy to find and if you are lost ask for "Jetking" center and everyone around that knows it.

There is more than enough space for the parking at this center.

Invigilator Reviews : Invigilator was polite and even gave me 2 pens to me though I haven't asked for it. You can even change the pens and your rough sheets at the time of break.

Environment : There are only 4 systems to work on so there is not much noise. It was quite. Yes, room was quite cold so asked to switch off the AC before entering the room.

Why would you retake the test here or in another location?
Yes, I took the test here twice!!

Do before test starting -- Please see the washroom before starting the test as it is located above test center and you have to go to another building next to it. So see the wash room before startng the test so as you don't waste the time.