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Stacy Blackman

SBC has a unique and systematic process that provides clients with several layers of support, draws on extensive resources and ultimately, leaves no stone unturned in helping to craft winning application packages.

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Yes - school of my dreams

Consultant: Caryn

Caryn Altman was my consultant at Stacy Blackman. She previously served on the admissions committee at Kellogg and I felt that she had many good insights from having worked on that side of things. I felt very comfortable with her from the first time we spoke which is why I selected her to be my SBC consultant in the first place. We spent a great deal of time on the phone at the very beginning, because I had a few "blemishes" that I needed to overcome. We came up with stories that felt great to me and we mapped out all of the essays in advance so that writing them became a lot easier. We went through many, many drafts of my essays. We had 14 drafts of my first set of essays, and I also used my client liaison to review a few of those essays. The next school was much easier. Caryn supported me all the way. I think by the time I got my acceptance letters I expected her to come to school with me - she was just completely part of the team. I also used the SBC essay guides and thought they were a great compliment to working with my consultant. Great tips that I could just turn to at any time when I needed inspiration. Caryn very conscientiously checked in with me all along the way when I procrastinated and went silent. She gave me pep talks and great information. I used no other resources and walked away with three admits. I am going to Columbia next year.

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1 Commented by arpithamouli on April 12, 2016
Hi ,

Let me know the way to contact you for my admission counseling.

2 Commented by RohitPrakash88 on July 30, 2016
Dear Team,

Request you to please drop me at or share your details so that we can connect regarding the admission counseling for my profile.

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I am starting at Booth this fall thanks to Denise and the SBC team! I knew I was a solid candidate: two years bulge bracket I bank following by 1 year global PE firm. I just didn’t want to take the chance on applying on my own. I had too much on the line, as there were a couple colleagues who were dinged across the board last season. I was worried that B schools are more critical of finance candidates.

Denise was brilliantly dedicated. Late night phone calls. She had extraordinary creativity with her ability to discover the unusual from my background (which I thought was fairly high performing but vanilla). The amount of knowledge of how the process from the inside was astounding. I could have never known on my own.

I also had Caryn review my application and give me feedback from the Flight Test. Caryn was formerly in a top program Admissions office so, again, I felt very fortunate. I was accepted to 3 of my 4 programs because Denise and the SBC team kept me focused on what was most important every step of the way. She, Caryn and Maggie were fully engaged with me. I remember essay draft #14 and Denise was still giving me 1:00 am responses that were on target.

SBC has the rare combo of knowledge from AdCom on their team AND genuine commitment to their clients. It was the BEST investment.

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1 Commented by neverstop on May 30, 2014
"I am an executive leader with 13 years of executive management experience who applied to several EMBA programs only to be denied two years in a row. I was very discouraged and frustrated when a friend recommended I contact Stacy Blackman Consulting. I contacted SBC and found everyone in the firm kind and helpful. During the first phone call with my consultant, Sherry Holland, I was sure that she is the one who going to make it happen. Her support, expertise and guidance were impeccable. She was a confident and a secure base for me as well as a knowledgeable consultant who put all her time to ensure my success. This year with Sherry's help and rigorous preparation for my interview, I sailed through it with confidence and was admitted to my dream school without
even having to take the GMAT!

Without Sherry's help, I know I would not have been admitted. I recommend SBC and Sherry Holland if you want a true professional who will support you and always be honest with you. She always said: " I am going to tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear in order to make you a stronger candidate.It is proven to me that no other consulting firm understands the admission process like SBC dose."
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I first reached out to Stacy Blackman Consulting after receiving a recommendation from a previous business school applicant. At that point I knew I wanted to attend business school but was unsure whether I should hold off another year before applying. As an MBA applicant, I come from a non-traditional working background and felt that my liberal arts education and lack of strong quantitative coursework might hurt my admission chances. I spoke to a few other consulting companies but felt that Stacy Blackman offered me the most honest and personalized advice. When I determined I was going to apply and use Stacy Blackman Consulting, they paired me with a consultant who they felt would best fit my needs, and that was Erika Olson.

From the get-go, Erika assured me that I had a strong story for my application, despite me not seeing it in the beginning. She took the time to get to know me and really understand my background and future goals. I started the application process late in the cycle, but Erika immediately gave me a schedule of tasks and deadlines for each school which I followed closely. When it came time for essays, I loved that Erika wanted me to put my story in my own words. All of her comments and edits never took away my voice, so my essays truly felt like my own. Erika was always quick to respond, even when I would email her with panicked questions five times a day. Even down to the nitty gritty details of my application, Erika made sure that all of my application was the best version it could be.

I applied to three top business schools and was accepted to two of them. I am thrilled to be attending a top MBA program in the fall and am confident that I would not be where I am without the help of Erika. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering applying to business school, especially if you have a non-traditional background.

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If you are struggling whom you should ask for help when applying for a business school, I highly recommend Stacy Blackman!
When I decided to go to purse an MBA, I had no idea what I should do. And I didn't think I could go to a good b-school because my work experience was less than 2 years. Everyone around me told me that it would be impossible for me to get into a top 20 b-school. And I almost gave up....until my friend recommended SBC to me.
My consultant is Lisa Anderson, a sweet lady with rich experience in admissions. I wasn''t confident of my academic and occupational background, I knew nothing about the b-school application, AND I didn't even take GMAT until October(which was really behind the application timeline). After we talked, Lisa inspired me to discover my strength, suggested schools that I could try with my little poor work experience, and helped me figure out my timeline. Without rich knowledge of admissions, she wouldn't have known that so well.
During the several month application process, she always answered my emails within 24 hours, reminded me to stay on my schedule. She was very helpful when I edited my resume and essays. She was able to spot my unique qualities and gave me insightful suggestions for resume and essays. Not only did she prepare me well for my interview, but she also inspired me during my interview process. I remember that after my first interview, I was so upset that I called her. She comforted me and made me confident to confront my following interviews. Without her, I am unsure if I could be successful in the following interviews.
With Lisa's help, I got accepted to 3 good schools with scholarships and one of them is a top 20 school. I was so satisfied with it and I really enjoyed working with Lisa!
Thank you, Lisa!

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A Happy SBC Customer!
June 20 | 2016
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Before starting on my MBA journey with SBC, I had my profile reviewed by a few other consultants, and every one of them suggested even a top 20 would be a stretch school for me, and it did not surprise me. I know I lacked the proper background; my GPA’s horrible, GMAT’s subpar (given my demographic), and my work experience/extra-curriculars have no “wow” factor whatsoever – at least that’s what I thought initially.
Although, this is a review about Reene, my primary consultant, I want to spend a few minutes talking about Esther Magna.
I first heard about SBC from a friend. With their help, he got accepted to Stern with a full ride! I wanted to get an opinion, so I set up an evaluation call with Esther. The call was very relaxed and informative. She took her time to understand my background and then offered some amazing application tips based on my profile. I left with a very positive opinion, but what really stuck with me was - she genuinely seemed impressed with my background, and thought I was a strong candidate! And it’s this feeling which pulled me back to SBC after weeks of indecisive wandering. Given my background, Esther strongly suggested I work with Reene, and thus started my application process.
Herself a top MBA grad, Reene is very knowledgeable about the b-school application process. Even before I started working on my essays, Reene handed me a document in which she brilliantly connected all my discrete experiences – both professional and personal – into a solid narrative, which gave me great insights of the way to go about my personal branding! She is extremely professional; no matter how busy she is, she never missed a deadline. I can always expect to receive her feedback on my essays in 24 hours. I come from an industry where not a lot of people go for an MBA, and this presented me with many challenges: right from what to expect from an info session or a school visit to how to select schools or choose recommenders. Luckily, I had Reene to guide me at every stage. None of my recommenders had any experience with writing a b-school LOR. Reene helped them understand what business schools are looking for in a candidate and how to write great recommendations. I can’t thank Reene enough for helping me remain strong and optimistic during this stressful journey.
To be honest, I was a bit hesitant at first about working with Reene as I couldn’t find any reviews about her on the internet, and needed some convincing from Esther. And now, after working with her, I am going to a top 10 program with a scholarship! Thanks, Reene, for making this happen. I hope this review serves as a useful reference for any future clients of hers.

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1 Commented by akshayk on August 24, 2016
Congratulations and best of luck with your MBA journey!
Pleasant Process
June 17 | 2016
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     By cadetfm 14 1

In short, I believe the process was well worth the value added to my application process. It was a tough landscape to navigate through, especially coming from the military, and I needed a guide to walk me through.

To begin with, I was already behind schedule after not doing so well on my GMAT so I had to reschedule and push for round 2 application deadlines instead of round 1. By the time I got the score that I needed, I was running 2 weeks out from the application deadline for my first school in round 2.

Sherry was a gem. She absolutely laid the groundwork for me to strategize and prioritize the tasks I needed to knock out one-by-one. For me, her process was very regimented and it most definitely was curtailed to my type of learning/thought process and it allowed me to gain every bit of value through multiple drafts, reviews, and submissions. I applied to 5 schools, had interviews for every one of them, and accepted to 4 and waitlisted at 1. In foresight, I probably should have applied to slightly harder programs but I'm absolutely excited to matriculate to the school I will be enrolling in this fall.

If I could suggest who would most benefit from these services:
- Military
- Persons who come from a non traditional background
- Applicants to highly selective schools where every bit of scrutiny is needed

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I chose to work with SBC because I felt that they were the most realistic in helping me determine my target schools. In fact, in my initial call with SBC they were VERY upfront with me about the quality of my candidacy. I really appreciated this and ultimately chose to work with SBC because of how direct they were.

After my initial call with SBC, I spoke with Dawn (who eventually became my admissions consultant). The purpose of this call was to determine if we were a good "fit". I will say this - the people at SBC know how to pair their clients with the right consultants because our call could not have gone better. Dawn was highly intelligent, extremely motivated, and expressed a genuine interest to help me get into each one of my target schools.

Working with Dawn was an absolute pleasure. She helped me navigate the process with ease and was always VERY responsive. Dawn knew all of the intricacies of each of my target schools' applications and did an excellent job of helping me to identify how to connect my story to each application. I genuinely believe that any prospective MBA applicant would be lucky to work with Dawn throughout the admissions process.

Thanks to Dawn and SBC I was accepted to every school that I applied to (all top 10 programs) and received significant scholarship offers to multiple programs.

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     By wwwufoliving 4 1

I decided to work with SBC for two reasons at the very beginning: responsiveness and Amy has unique insights and knowledge about the schools I was going to apply to. Soon, Amy had me realize my stories had so much potential to better express who I am and what I value in my leadership style. Besides, Amy meticulously reviewed all my application materials and corrected numerous typos I had made. During my interview preparations session, Amy gave some constructive suggestions in terms of how to introduce myself without bending AO's ear and how to effectively answer behavioral questions. In the end, my decision of working with SBC paid off. I received $70k in the form of fellowship from a M7 school. I am grateful to Amy and would recommend anyone who is looking for advises about MBA application.

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     By Antocobb1 0 0

Prepping for admissions into a top MBA program is a rigorous process. A process that requires persistence, detail, and communication of your brand. To help me with the process, I reached out to Stacy Blackman Consulting. I was able to work with Kevin Rockmeal who is extremely skilled with getting student admitted with low GMAT scores. Kevin’s assistance with crafting my MBA admission essays, prepping me for my MBA admission interviews, editing my MBA resume, and assisting me in getting a better grasp of what story I should share with the MBA admission committee to get admitted is world class and I strongly recommend him as a MBA admission consultant.

In the end, I was able to gain admissions into Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and UVA’s Darden School of Business. I cannot thank Stacy Blackman and Kevin Rockmeal enough. His expertise once again was what allowed me to get admitted to these schools despite having strikingly low than average GMAT scores.

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With the presidential campaign in progress, I thought it would be relevant to share this scenario: let's take a minute and imagine you are running for political office. You are going to need a campaign manager to help you organize, to plan your campaign route (schools you want to apply to), and to help you articulate your speech and platforms. Applying for business school is no different from running for office; you are trying to tell admission committees that you are the best candidate to vote for. In my case, Ryan was my campaign manager; he did a very thorough job understanding my background and what makes me tick. While I have a strong undergraduate GPA , a master's degree, and solid work experiences, there are weaknesses in my profile, e.g. my average-at-best GMAT score, traditional work background, etc. Ryan helped me capitalize on my strength and on my diverse upbringing. I enjoyed working with Ryan, because he is organized, thoughtful, and honest with his review comments. As a busy professional, you would want someone there to hold you accountable, keep you on track, and provide guidance. While the process was very stressful, Ryan made it bearable and painless. Most MBA admission consulting services come with a hefty price tag; the way I think about it is - why do you think Fortune 500 companies hire consultants such as McKinsey, Bain, and BCG to help solve their problems, despite very high fees? I would recommend SBC and Ryan because they do a very good job creating a admission strategy, one that's specifically tailored for you. A daring entrepreneur, Ryan has a wide variety of experiences; he had experiences in MBA admission at top 20 schools, management consulting, personal coaching, and local political campaigns. And that's exactly why I chose Ryan to be my partner during the MBA admission process. I would highly recommend Ryan to any aspiring MBAs.

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