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DC Testing Center
May 01 | 2012

       By Bigred2008 joined: August 10, 2009 | 67 | 26 |
Date of your test:  16 Apr 2012   Appointment time:  afternoon
The reviewer would recommend this test center to others: Highly Recommend   Location:   DC Area, USA
The testing center is located near Farragut Square in DC, so it was pretty easy to find and also accessible from the Red, Blue, and Orange Lines. So I took the Metro to Farragut West and walked over. The Testing Center is located in an office building so you will need to show your id twice, once at the front desk and again at the actual testing center.

Once I got upstairs I had to take a number, but the staff moved everything along quickly. I was actually able to take the test 5 minutes earlier than my scheduled time. Also, there are other tests than the GMAT being taken, the person sitting next to me was in scrubs because he was taking the boards. The room is small with maybe 12 or so stations, but all of the computers had headphones that muffled everything (they're weren't earplugs, but rather over the ear blot out sound), and pretty much everything, I could hear myself breathe because there wasn't much background noise. The center was mostly quiet, and I would definitely take another test here.
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