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Verbal Online-The way to go for Non-Natives
February 04 | 2014

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I bought the Verbal Online after having come across recommendations on GMATCLUB and I am pleased to say that even though I haven't taken the test yet, this is one of the best investments I have ever made. I paid for verbal courses before which have disappointingly become mere English lessons but with e-GMAT Verbal Online, I can structure my studies to suit my schedule. The content is excellent and I am glad that after taking the official test and scored a mere V23, I am now scoring in the high 30s. I am hoping that with one more push at RC, I will take my ability to around V40-V43. I also get access to the free live sessions conducted by Payal and Rajat. These are just awesome.

I am really glad that you guys at e-GMAT took your time to structure such a comprehensive course which I will gladly recommend to any non-native aiming for a high score on the GMAT.

I even had not used my subscription and contacted e-GMAT. The company instantly extended my subscription, showing the high customer service standards they uphold. I am really grateful to e-GMAT.

I will shortly be taking my test and am really hoping to nail the GMAT once and for all!

Thanks e-GMAT!!
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