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My journey to INSEAD
May 11 | 2012

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I wanted to share my experiences working on my MBA application with

I had a great (and successful) experience working with my consultant -- and I can honestly say I wouldn't have gotten in if it wasn't for the help I got with the package.

The key thing is making sure you have a chemistry with the consultant -- that's why I think Aringo is better than the freelancers out there; if you're unhappy (or if the consultant is sick / swamped / on holidays and you got a deadline...) you have the flexibility to change. I also like the fact they got the widest variety of MBA alums - so if you're applying to a few programs, you can have an alum of each school check your application package, and you get a chance to speak with alums of all the top programs.

My 2 cents...
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