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Simply Amazing!!!
June 28 | 2013

       By JohnnieWalker joined: February 2, 2012 | 15 | 13 |
Improvement: 90 Points  |  Verbal:        |  Quant:      
This review is for:  e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep | Location:  Online | Taught by:  Shraddha Jaiswal
My verbal scores were saturated and I just wasn’t able to move from the 29-31 range. After a lot of research I found e-GMAT and signed up for their Verbal Live Prep course, it was a terrific choice and I’m glad I choose e-GMAT. Their course is laid out in simple terms and the concepts are crystal clear. On hindsight I would say it was like finding an oasis after being stuck in the desert for months!!

The e-GMAT 3 step approach to SC is simple superb, and along with the audio-video files and the Live-Sessions I was able to improve my accuracy and more importantly confidence levels when confronted with an SC question. Their SC & CR courses are amazing -no question about it, But my favorite is RC, after just 1 session with Shraddha, I was able to improve my RC accuracy from 50% to 90%.

e-GMAT played a critical role in moving my verbal score from a 29 to 38, and in the process helping me hit the 700 barrier. I would highly recommend e-GMAT courses for aspirants who are having a difficult time with verbal and are looking to improve their overall scores.
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Pearson VUE (Manipal center)
May 26 | 2012

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       By JohnnieWalker joined: February 2, 2012 | 15 | 13 |
Date of your test:  09 May 2012   Appointment time:  morning
The reviewer would recommend this test center to others: Highly Recommend   Location:   Bangalore, India
Very nice place, professional proctors, Dell computers, prompt response when you raise your hand (within 10 - 15 seconds).

On my first GMAT there was some noise from the floor above, but the second one went fine. They do provide ear plugs (3M brand), i do not use ear plugs, for some reason i dont feel comfortable with them.

Suggestions: if your test is at 1PM or 5 PM, please use a cab, as parking space is rarely empty. But if its at 9AM, you can park on the empty site between Manipal center and the Peasron VUE building.

Proctors are fast in getting the formalities done, and they do not allow you inside until 30 minutes before the test. So i would suggest an entry 15 minutes before the test.

Cons: The chairs are a bit old, the cushion is no longer soft and the arm rests shake a bit, I hope they get new ones soon.
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