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Gleecher Center
August 16 | 2012

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       By Karite joined: November 11, 2011 | 49 | 17 | native speaker
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This review is for:  Veritas Prep Full Course | Location:  Chicago-Wacker, USA | Taught by:  Frankie Beecroft
I signed up for the in person class located in the Gleecher Center. I started the course in May 2012. The class was supposed to help me to gain a better understanding of the GMAT. The problems in the workbooks are very similar to the actual GMAT problems and the On-Demand classes were very informative and helpful. You can always go back and watch the lessons again.

I gave Veritas Prep a very low score because the instructor for the course did a very poor job. The individual was always second guessing themselves and he or she did not seem thrilled to be teaching. At first the class started out very well but it went down hill from there. We went into the class somewhat confused and left out even more confused.

I did contact Veritas Prep regarding the situation and they offered me a retake. But why should the students have to retake the course because of a poor performance by their instructor. We expected more from a company with a reputation such as Veritas Prep. I cannot recommend this course because of my experience with them. And I did read the reviews and most of them were good.

• Workbook problems are similar to GMAT problems
• On Demand classes are very useful.
• Retake Policy

• The workbooks are instructor driven and you cannot self study with them because most of them consist of practice problems. Note: The workbooks have lots of space so the students can write in them.
• Veritas Tests are not representative to the actual GMAT
• No IR section
• Our instructor told us that he or she only takes practice tests to stay up to date.
• There are 14 workbooks for the class.
• Instructor’s lack of availability after class and lack of response when responding to emails.
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Great Test Center Experience
August 13 | 2012

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       By Karite joined: November 11, 2011 | 49 | 17 |
Date of your test:  03 Aug 2012   Appointment time:  morning
The reviewer would recommend this test center to others: Highly Recommend   Location:   Chicago-Financial District, USA
My test center experience was awesome. It was easily accessible by public transportation in Chicago's financial district (on Adams street). The proctors were very polite and helpful. They reminded me not to have anything my possessions except my ID and locker key. The locker is large enough for a large purse or small book bag. The men's restroom is a nice distance from the test room so make sure you walk fast. Lol. They do provide you with earmuffs, which block the noise out. There was no outside noise except some guy that decided to read aloud. I definitely plan to retake the test at the same location.
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