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This review is for: GMAT Pill - 6 Pill Combo Course
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Little bit about me:

Final year university student, American but studying overseas. Terribly rusty math AND English skills after so many years out of high school; as an Accounting/Finance major, you don't really practise the things which get tested on the GMAT. Hell, I'd even forgotten things like basic geometry, or how best to tackle Venn diagrams. So... I decided that I needed a little help.


I'd considered other GMAT prep options, but found them unsuitable, whether due to poor(er) reviews, high cost, or simple lack of availability of information. After examining a few different GMAT prep program options, I eventually settled on GMAT Pill. Kaplan appears to be slightly poorer reviewed, and Manhattan's more expensive, so GMAT Pill it was.

It's been years since I actually had to use much of the math that the GMAT tests, or think about the intricacies of English, my practice test scores were at about 700 before I tried out this course. What I found was that the GMAT Pill core frameworks ran through concepts in a manner that was simple enough to grasp, and specifically targeted at the types of questions that I eventually found myself facing on the actual GMAT. The practice questions were also structured very similarly to the real deal, which obviously helped prepare me for the exam.

Everything being available online and in video format was also a plus. The always-available online video format made it easy to study whenever and wherever I wanted to, provided I had my phone or tablet with me. At home, on the subway, or even sitting by the pool. Don't underestimate the importance of a convenient studying resource that doesn't weigh several pounds; it'll make it much easier to keep studying consistently and allow you to take quick "study breaks" in between bouts of whatever it is you usually do.

I first started on the material about three to four weeks before my GMAT, and studied fairly inconsistently over the next few weeks. On the whole, I believe I put in about 10-20 hours of time fully concentrating on the material, and possibly another 10-20 or so leaving the videos running while I did other things that weren't overly taxing on my mental resources - television, video games, laundry, and such. It might not seem like a whole lot of time, but that's part of my point entirely; the program ran through things in such a simple way that it wasn't difficult to understand the concepts. So again... pretty impressed.

It seems to me that the GMAT really is all about studying, test-taking techniques and preparation. I'm honestly just very impressed that it helped me score so well, as I wasn't expecting any more than about 740 as a hard upper limit. If any of this helps any of you guys out, it'd be fantastic. The GMAT Pill proved very effective for me, and I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking to do well on the GMAT.

For a more thorough explanation of my experience, see this post. For my video testimonial, click here.

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