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Great course for non-natives
November 20 | 2014

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This review is for:  e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep | Location:  Online | Taught by:  Rajat Sadana
I started preparing Gmat around 9 months back and i struggled a lot initially with the verbal section. I took the verbal live prep after going through the free sessions of Payal and Rajat and i have to say that i made a good investment in e-gmat.
The course is especially useful for non-natives like me who struggle to understand the minute details that the gmat tests. The audio visual sessions are very nicely structured so that one can learn in a step by step approach , building fundamentals on the way. The live session of Rajat , Payal , Shraddha , Chiranjeev and Neeti were very useful in reinforcing the concepts.
Even the response of the team on the questions posted on the forum is very good.
I feel much more confident now after the course and hope to do well in the GMAT that i am taking in a few days time.
I am hugely indebted to the e-gmat team for the improvement that i have seen in my verbal score and i hope to do well on the exam as well.
I gave my gmat a few months back and although i got a dismal score in verbal , it was more to do with me than with the course. I got anxious and nervous in the exam and ended up screwing my verbal score. However i would still recommend e-gmat to any student , espcially a non-native as the course is wonderful and the support offered is also great.

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