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The best Verbal course for Non Natives
March 26 | 2013

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This review is for:  e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep | Location:  Online | Taught by:  Payal Tandon
Hi friends, I took GMAT 3 times earlier but could not cross 600 and the verbal score was stable on 29. I have already used most of the resources recommended on these forums but unfortunately could not get concept understanding.

Few months before I have seen e-gmat demos and signed for verbal live prep. I found the this course is unique and very helpful for non natives.

1. It covers all fundamental concept with their practical uses
2.The focus is given on building fundamentals
3. Especially made for non natives understanding inherent weakness they have while dealing with Verbal.

SC course- Must go through. Most comprehensive course. It will change your thought pocess drammeticaly and SC will become a cakewalk.

RC- Very practical strategies. A must buy if you are not good at RC

CR- Much comprehensive. Better than the resources available at market. Covers all fundamentals and approach to solve problems is explained methodically.

I storngly recommend all these courses to people who are stuck up due to less verbal course. I would have done much much better if I would have got such a great resource earlier. Dont delay if you are seroius about 700.

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