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Academy of National Economy (РАНХ им. Плеханова)
February 08 | 2012

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       By anyaze joined: December 12, 2011 | 11 | 10 |
Date of your test:  28 Jan 2012   Appointment time:  afternoon
The reviewer would recommend this test center to others: Highly Recommend   Location:   Moscow, Russia
Parking facility: Public parking at the street available. I suppose on work days there can be a problem to find a space.
Invigilator Reviews: Polite.
Environment: Small room for 4 people, old equipment, no windows, close access to smoking area, water provided.
Rating 5/5: 5/5.
Additional Info: You should arrive a little beforehand, because the computer which scans your hand sometimes hangs. Invigilator sits in the different room.
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