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February 24 | 2012
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This review is for: GMAT Pill DS
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I took the GMAT on January 23 after spedning three months studying and scored a very disappointing 580( Q32, V37). I took the MGMAT full prep class in Miami & scored as high as 740 on a MGMAT CAT and scored a 700(Q44, V42) on my 2nd GMAT prep exam prior to my test. Now MGMAT does have some good techniques, however for me I felt it was just to much info to try to retain, especially for Quant and on test day I felt like I was in the fog of war on the Quant section. After picking myself up, I knew I needed a different strategy in regards to my Quant prep. I decided to purchase the GMAT Quant pill and I'm glad to say I've been pleasantly surprised. The simpler and more intuitive approach has really helped me in prepping for my next test day which is March 6. I really like the GMAT pill method because it provides very useful strategies in the videos on how to approach almost every type of Quant question you could see. While I've yet to retake my exam, I'm doing much better and feel more confident when when practicing math problems (especially DS-my nemesis ). I'm planning on signing up for the SC pill, but for now I would definitely recommend the Quant Pill on the results I've seen in the past few weeks & I'm confident I will have much better results on March 6!
Bryan Lerner

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