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100% HIT Wharton & Harvard
May 25 | 2013

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As I am preparing to head toward my target school, I want to seize the opportunity to publicly thank you.

-Thank you for the incredible support you gave me above and beyond your professional duties!
-Thank you for giving me the power to believe in myself in the good as well as in the bad times.
-Thank you for the faith you placed in me and for building-up my self-confidence by uncovering the qualities and abilities that set me up apart as a truly competitive candidate.

You played a critical role in my admissions at Wharton and Harvard and I realize that none of those accomplishments would have been possible without you.

I had the chance to work with you and I could write a whole essay explaining how potent an asset you areā€¦but most reassuring to me is that I now know that I have someone like you by my side and that I can count on you at any time.

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