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New delhi GMAT test center
July 07 | 2012

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       By gnan joined: May 26, 2012 | 30 | 29 |
Date of your test:  03 Jul 2012   Appointment time:  afternoon
The reviewer would recommend this test center to others: Highly Recommend   Location:   New Delhi, India
Hello everyone,

I gave GMAT on 4th July 2012(New pattern) at New delhi. The center is located near Greenpark metro and very convenient to reach. I checked the venue a day before my exam to avoid any trouble on exam day.
I reached the center by 12:15 Hrs (my appointment is at 13:00 hrs). The staff did not allow anyone to enter center before 12.30 and we had to stand outside. After entering, the procedure was very smooth and the staff were polite and helpful.

During AWA, there was some noise as everyone is typing their essays. Except that, the room was silent without any disturbance. I was given a new scratch pad after the quant section. During the breaks, the staff reminded me when there was only 2 minutes left.

Drinking water and washroom facility were available.
This is my first(and last) Gmat test and the overall test center experience was good.

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