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GMAT Pill SC -- Good
January 10 | 2012
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This review is for: GMAT Pill SC
Location: Online

So far I was able to cover only half of the SC videos and my review is limited to those videos:

1. The study material is awesome!! Watching videos to study SC is fun and less tiring than reading from the paper material. It is as if someone is tutoring you.
2. The study material is similar to Manhattan but simpler and easier to understand
3. There 10 frameworks to approach a SC. Basically the frameworks works all the chapters from the Manhattan book. Most of the Gmat Clubbers recommend Manhattan SC book for SC prep. With the GMAT pill you'll cover the Manhattan SC plus learn strategies to attack the SC and time saving tips.
4. Once such strategy is reading without the fluff.
- Saves a lot of time esp for long SCs with lot of modifiers.
5. The concept of linking verbs is new to me. I haven't seen this covered in other study materials(Kaplan/Manhattan/Princeton). I learned something new with the GMAT pill
6. The explanation for who/whom concepts by using she/them is awesome.
7. The concept of Main sentence/phrase is explained very well. The usage of "ing" verb in the phrase refers to the subject in the main sentence will help with the modifier testing questions.
8.The explanation for present perfect/past perfect in Manhattan is very confusing. The video explains the tense concepts with a table and you don't get lost in the terminologies - Past perfect, perfect what?? ;-)
9. Onion layers -Concentrate on the details/inside layer is a good tip. I was always lost with SCs such as " The Statue of liberty's defects in structure...". The video helped to understand what the SC was suppose to mean and how eliminate fluke answers in a short time.

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