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I bought both the verbal and quantitative GMAT "pills" a little under a month ago but started with the critical reasoning (CR) pill today. Although I have read through all of the Manhattan GMAT books (8 books in the series hence my delay in starting the GMAT Pill), it still seemed that I was falling short on all sections of the GMAT (as per diagnostic test results)... and couldn't understand why. After going through the videos and quizzes for the CR pill, I was stunned... and dumbfounded... somehow, I internalized all the information Zeke taught... and did extremely well on the CR portion of the Diagnostic test in the OG as well as correctly answered the first 10 questions from the CR chapter... WOW!!! I never thought I would ever fully understand this portion of the GMAT... but Zeke's methods for CR has broken this barrier for me.... So far, the CR pill was EXTREMELY effective and I want to thank Zeke for creating this!!! Zeke's method of teaching this portion of the GMAT is EXCEPTIONAL and FAR BETTER than any GMAT trick/strategy guide out there. I can't wait to move on to Sentence Correction pill to see how well I do.... the GMATpill is really the light in the dark confusion that is the GMAT!!!!

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