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Mumbai Test Center - A Good place to test.
July 11 | 2012

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       By macjas joined: May 9, 2012 | 399 | 436 |
Date of your test:  10 Jul 2012   Appointment time:  morning
The reviewer would recommend this test center to others: Highly Recommend   Location:   Mumbai, India
As others have mentioned, parking is a big problem in this area. You would be better of taking a cab/rickshaw or having someone else drive you to the center.

Invigilator: They were friendly and polite. Absolutely no problems here.

Test Area: is quiet but I felt that the AC was a little too cold for me. Usually I have the AC dialed in at 23F at home The test center was more like 18F. So make sure you come dressed in layers.

Test Equipment: The computers are all Dell and relatively new/in good shape. The test pads are however, not like the Manhattan Test Pads. They are a little smaller, white in color and a little worn out. Also make sure that you check your pens before entering the test area. You will also be given pink foam ear plugs and tissue paper if you choose to accept these items.
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