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750 GMAT (49Q,44V)
August 05 | 2013

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I highly recommend Manhattan GMAT, and it helped me get to my target score. The professor was awesome, and it's certainly the best product out there.

A few areas I think it could improve:

1) Advanced courses - The one frustrating thing about the course is that you are with people at all different levels of quant and verbal proficiency. Therefore, even if you are ready to move on, the instructor would be stuck explaining concepts for a long time to someone else. It would be great if they added advanced courses (perhaps requiring 650 or so on a CAT to sign-up), that went at a faster pace and spent more time on 700+ questions.

2) Area of Focus. For whatever reason, I was naturally very good at Verbal, and wanted to focus on Math. The classes in general seemed to be tilted slightly towards Verbal. It would've been cool if I could've had a class that tilted a little more towards Math. I feel like, for the upper level math questions, I had to learn a lot of the tricks on my own through their advanced quant guide.

Overall the course was great though. I got a 680 when I took it 4 years ago, so I'm pretty happy with a 70-point jump (especially since my math skills had degraded since then). I guess it's really hard to tell how much the course helped on its merits, versus how much it just forced me to study a lot - but who cares, I got the score I wanted, and I probably would've studied less if not forced to do HW and Classes.

Definitely recommend taking Eric Caballero. He is really funny, smart, and explains concepts very well.
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