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MGMAT -- Good
January 11 | 2012

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Signed up for the Manhattan GMAT online class in the Summer of 2008, finished in the fall. Work kicked my butt for a bit with travel, but I was able to buckle down and finish the MGMAT material from April-June 2009. Practice exams went from start of 620ish to to a finish of 680 (between GMAC prep software and MGMAT practice exams).

Took the exam yesterday, actual unofficial results were a 710 (48 q, 38 v).

I can say with some assurance the MGMAT class knocked the socks off of the Kaplan programs. A friend of mine took the Kaplan classroom form and gave me all his materials, which I found identical to the online program and the self study. I asked him about the instructor and his response was the instructor simply went through the book chapter by chapter. I found the strategies and the material covered in MGMAT supplemented each other nicely. and I believe that helped push me over the 700 mark.
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