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This review is for: GMAT Pill - 6 Pill Combo Course
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I purchase all pills on May 25 2012. I started using pills seriously in Sep 2012. Prior to that I completed Manhattan GMAT Books, which by the way are also not sufficient. When I started taking mock tests in November 2012 I realized that I was not able to score > 600 ever. This was evident in my actual GMAT score also. This was my first GMAT so cannot provide %age improvement.

During my studies I faced lot of technical difficulties as Question links will not work or videos will not work. After informing support, they would start working but other questions would continue to not work. This was true for RC, DS sections which seemed to be least browsed sections. I believe product was not tested properly before making it available to general public.

Videos on their own are very informative but there is no information on how to apply those techniques on questions.

Personally I felt that GMATPill is for people who are conceptually very strong and need different approach. I do not think this course is sufficient as standalone material. I would not recommend it.

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