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GMAT yusuf sarai test center
December 05 | 2013
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     By prateekbhatt 894 210
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: New Delhi, India

Excellent place, near by metro station is green park.There were a lot of landmarks given so it was easy to locate.

If you are driving then finding parking space can be a daunting task so t better to take metro or auto.

Staff was very professional, made everything clear to me, they also gave me 2 markers and ear plugs without even asking.During the breaks they were quick and they valued my time.

Lockers were large enough and restroom(small) was clean.

Noise level was zero,still i got ear plugs, proper light and AC temperature was comfortable.

The computer was large it was easy to focus, mouse and keyboard were also good.

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1 Commented by obishake on June 19, 2014
GOOD to hear that they give ear plug. I have prepared everytime with ear plug in my ears. hehehehe
GMAT Course Review
veritas prep on demand.
December 05 | 2013
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     By prateekbhatt 894 210


This review is for: Veritas Prep On-Demand
Location: Online

I have completed veritas prep on demand and i am really impressed by this course.

Things that i liked about this course...

1- True track- Its a place where you can ask doubts and get reply from the instructors, i have posted a lot of silly doubts and got reply each time.

2- Course structure- Like the way they have mixed and matched quant and verbal, this way no section can become rusty.

3- Home work- I am a fan of veritas home work sectin questions, they are really close to official questions

4- 1 AWA section is graded for free.

5- Brian is a genius, i really admire the way he teaches.

6- Mocks- 15 mocks(10 veritas+ 5 you dont need any other mock, they are deadly accurate.

7- High quality videos.

8- Comfort of studying at your own pace.

Overall full on value for money course.

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