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November 08 | 2012

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Hi all,

I was doomed with a 570, then got a 620 twice and was left absolutely helpless. I was in constant touch with Zeke throughout my journey from 570 to the second time I got 620. But the craziest part is that, I was simply asking what to do in general, and never signed up for GMAT Pill services. The number of mail exchanges was close to 40+ and I was still only mailing about the strategy, finally left with confusion to pick that right prep company - ultimately choosing none of them and ending up so badly. It's all so natural that I tend to think too much of myself, a sense of overconfidence. I had this habit of doing over-engineering of a solution, esp in CR and trying to beat the bush instead of employing a structured, logical style.

After I got the second 620, I mailed Zeke again saying I desperately need this 50+ money back, but again I'm confused here. There are two companies that offer this - Knewton & GMAT Pill. I had no clue about both of them. But since I had been chatting with Zeke for a while, I decided to ask this directly. I was told that Knewton does go through a comprehensive syllabus, and employ a fancy technology in teaching. But, as far as I'm concerned, it was not the syllabus that I was lacking, but just the strategic approach. I knew I have to get that psychological thing to stretch out and read boring passages at the end and go through that test approach systematically. So, I decided it was GMAT Pill. Meanwhile, I saw this ad. - e-gmat - For non-natives. This kinda pulled me and I was going nowhere in the midst of so many confusion. I had to validate and pick my gut decision. I thought e-gmat again was going to teach me language reasoning or whatever, but I always reckoned I knew it. Also, the word non-natives didn't kinda excite me since I've been a good reader all my life and I thought nativity may not have that big a role in reasoning patterns in a language. (just my opinion, rather a differentiation at that level didn’t seem enticing to me).

So, I moved on with GMAT Pill. Got a 710. Not that great of course, but remember I was too low in confidence with my history of scores and I just managed to get it out of my way.

I just didn't learn any new grammar rule or math formula, It Was Just The Approach.........

Thanks Zeke.


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