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730 Q50 V38
September 06 | 2012
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This review is for: GMAT Pill - 6 Pill Combo Course
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Hi, my name is Reagan and I live in Singapore.
I took the GMAT in OCT 2011 and scored a 670. The materials I used were MGMAT books and the official guide. It was a pretty stressful period because GMAT is really tough as my high school math was really rusty.

So I chanced upon Zeke Lee’s GMATPILL online course and read the reviews. I was amazed, why isn’t there a single negative review on the course? On the one hand, I was desperate to not have to pick up the MGMAT study guides again. On the other hand, I was skeptical about GMATPILL! In the end, I took the leap of faith and the rest was history! I am glad I made that decision!

I started off with the verbal section.
Sentence correction pill -- Zeke really does a good job in teaching you the basics. The videos were concise and clear and it covered the majority of the types of questions which will appear on the GMAT. After I learnt the frameworks, I decided to apply the frameworks on the questions. At first I would think, which framework should I apply to a particular question and so on, then slowly, it became second nature to me! I was like reading an SC question and ‘Ah! X&Y consistency!’. It’s a pretty awesome feeling.

Reading Comprehension Pill – When I used the MGMAT strategy guide for Reading comprehension, I thought that their methods were robust for me. But hell no, because in the exam, we really don’t have ANY time to write down details about each paragraph! Especially when we have to deal with Critical Reasoning questions too. Zeke taught me the most efficient way to tackle RC. Even I myself was shocked at the results of it! I wrote ZERO stuff on all 4 passages in the recent GMAT exam. Zeke cracks the RC component in 2 steps; he teaches us ‘how to read an RC passage’ followed by ‘how to answer the questions’. This may sound like it’s all no-brainer but under the time pressure, we need a robust method to help us tackle the RC questions, and Zeke’s methods, are 100% robust!

Critical Reasoning Pill - At first, the CR pill wasn’t upgraded and I was having problems understanding the way I should approach the CR questions. Coincidentally, Zeke was working on the CR upgrades. When he was done with it, he posted it and contacted me immediately. The upgraded is one word- AWESOME. He does it in ways that are so much simpler; you don’t even have to think so much at all! In the end, answering CR questions became really fun especially when attempting assumption and boldfaced type questions (You will know what I mean when you try these!). The hurdle in CR then became how adept I am at applying Zeke’s table-top frameworks.

The Quant Pills-
To be fair to everyone on the internet, I think the Quant pills are decent. However, compared to the Verbal Pills, the Quant pills paled in comparison. However, Zeke has proven to his customers that he will always exceed expectations with his new upgrades and I think he’s going to do it again as he just told me that there would be an upgrade on the quantitative section.

The upgrades would only be out in mid-sept and it was too late for me because my exam is scheduled this week. In the end, I took up GMATQUANTUM- GMATQUANTUM is like the ‘VERBAL PILL’ FOR GMAT. Simple, concise and succinct.

For those interested, Dabral- the tutor has free videos for the public which are really awesome. The course is not cheap of course and it focuses only on the Quant section. But to me, the money spend on GMATQuantum was well worth it. In his GMAT course, he teaches all the relevant concepts to GMAT. I am so glad I took up the course too because it really helped me in securing that Q50.

In conclusion, for people who do not have much time to prepare for GMAT, I would advice taking the GMATPILL-verbal section + GMATQUANTUM. I wish I had knew earlier and that is why I want to tell fellow readers NOW.

For people who have at least one and a half months, I would say, go ahead and purchase the entire GMATPILL package because Zeke delivers his goods and I am sure that his upcoming Quantitative upgrade will shine too.

That is all I have now, good luck to future GMAT takers.

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1 Commented by taknevmar on September 11, 2012   Edited on September 11, 2012
Hi Reagan,

Thanks for the info.
I think you have to correct few mistakes written above:
"I took the GMAT in OCT 2012 and scored a 670"---I think it should be OCT 2011

Then in unofficial report attached:it is shown that gmat score is 720 [Q:49 v:42]

But the heading itself of this post is "730 Q50 V38" and you mentioned that you have scored 50 in quant which is not true as per the report.

This leaves users to doubt the credibility of the review and the product as well.
2 Commented by bb on September 11, 2012   Edited on September 11, 2012
Looks like part of the issue was our fault for attaching the wrong score report (the review was submitted without the score report and then the user sent in a score report and we have accidentally attached the wrong one).

3 Commented by reagan on November 06, 2012
4 Commented by reagan on November 06, 2012
Haha! I am glad BB cleared that up!