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October 16 | 2013

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       By sasawa363 joined: October 16, 2013 | 2 | 0 | native speaker
Improvement: -150 Points  |  Verbal:        |  Quant:      
This review is for:  Kaplan GMAT Advantage Course | Location:  Los Angeles, USA | Taught by:  
I paid $1,450 for this Kaplan GMAT Preparation, attended all classes, read books, did Practice sets, but at the exam day I got a horrible score. I never could have expected such a lower score after KAPLAN CATS.
The money back guarantee option is a scam, they found 100 excuses to not give the money back. Talked to representatives and supervisors-no result, going to file small claim case in a court!
My scores at CAT's were 150 points more than on the actual test!
Don't waste your money.
This program does not work, they will not pay you your money back.
Get online practice but not at KAPLAN.
Good Luck!
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