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Good foundation and interactive sessions
March 23 | 2012

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Before joining knewton I had done self study using Manhattan and GMATprep books. I was active on gmatclub forums. But I must say that habit of critically looking at sentence correction or CR came after using thought process of instructors on knewton. The material on knewton is extensive and helps make a good base. I definately gained confidence after completing the course. I used to enjoy attending live office sessions. It gives interactivity and many a times helped me improve my thought process. Its easier to say B is correct and tough to explain to another person why other choices are wrong.

Although my points increased from 690 to 710 alone, I recommend knewton to my friends. The only lacking feature was trying to pratice more on my weak areas. I would have loved to see that knewton offers more practice questions to help me master a topic (i have seen similar concept in Master gmat's trial version)
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