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Highly Recommend Stacey Blackman!!
January 18 | 2013

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - got into all
This review is for:  Comprehensive Service   Consultant:  Bill (SBC)
I wanted to share my thoughts on Stacy Blackman

I engaged Stacy Blackman early this year for 1 school comprehensive package. My consultant was Bill.

I was amazed how Bill helped me shape my Essays. We must have gone though at least 6-8 rounds of editing for each essay until it perfect. His interview prep was awesome, in fact the Ad-com asked me a a lot of questions which he had prepped me for.

I applied to Cornell and NYU Stern in October'12, and got accepted at both the Schools.

Although I have 16+ years of work experience, I wouldn't have secured an admission without Bill's help.
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