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Knewton -- would like to share some insights
January 11 | 2012

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i am also taking knewton and would like to share some insights as well (without making another thread). I have about 2 classes left so i am almost done. For quant they focus a lot more on PS than any other. Geometry is only one class and i believe probability is one class (my next class) as well. The verbal SC is focused the most with CR second.
The structure of the course is like:

day of class:
1 pre- quant problem set
1 pre-verbal problem set

re-take pre quant/verbal problem set (only on topics you got wrong on in the pre sets)
homeworks covering the topics went over in class.

During class the teachers try to go over all the questions students may have through chat and gives almost strictly 2 minutes to answer a problem via a poll. There are on-demand videos for each class - you can view like 2-3 classes from different teachers to get a different perspective - however, the problems are the same (they use same slides).

There is a progress bar that shows a graph that breaks down the percentage of a topic taught and how you are doing for that topic. For example, if they taught all the topics on geometry it will have 100%, if you got 80% of the geometry problems right you are at 80%. They break it down further to specific topics like verbal - idioms, run-on sentences etc. so it shows you what topic you might need to work on. I am not sure how to improve upon a specific topic since they dont categorize problems by topic. I guess one way is to re-take the problem sets you got <100% on and increase your percentage that way.

i got a 640 on my official gmat, got a 620 on my first Knewton CAT and a 650 last week. My math is more or less the same ~48 but my verbal improved from 28 to 32 - i was actually a bit disappointed because i got only 9 wrong on verbal and still got a 32. My next CAT is tonight so i hope at least my verbal can get a bit better.
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