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E-gmat turned my Gmat around
May 04 | 2013

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I used the e-GMAT course and was able to score 730 (Q51, V35) and my accuracy in SC improved up to 85-90%. My accuracy in sets of SC questions varied between 40-95 %. I tried very hard to get some consistency but to no avail. I took e-GMAT’s SC course. This course completely changed my approach to SC. I have got to say, this is one killer course. I had done all the grammar rules, but it was like rule overkill for me. I was unable to concentrate. This course gave me a lot of direction. It taught me a concrete technique/approach to SC and immensely helped me improve my accuracy up to 85-90 %. While grammar rules are obviously very important, the approach to the questions can help improve accuracy as well as enable you to solve the question quickly. e-GMAT really helped me attain this. I also found the structure of the concept files very helpful. This course was a very good confidence booster. For all of you out there who feel their weakest section is SC, this course can do wonders.

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