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Valuable and indespensible tool for Preparation - e-Gmat Course
February 27 | 2013

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This review is for:  e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep | Location:  Online | Taught by:  Rajat Sadana
I have been preparing for this exam like hell. I started 2 years back and gave one attempt (550, V-47, V-20) till date. I haven't lost my patience or zeal to beat the GMAT. My preparation is not consistent and initially I had no clue how to tackle each section. I came across e-GMAT site and their wonderful Verbal Live Prep course 6 months back.

This is an amazing course for non-natives. Explanations are so details that you can't miss/forget the concept. Rajat and Payal are awesome in their individual areas (CR and SC). They have put in so much efforts to build the right material for practice. I am sure if one adheres to the course diligently, he/she can crack the GMAT easily. I haven't left my hopes to reach 700 mark yet. I am preparing and e-GMAT is my indispensable tool for preparation. Thanks e-GMAT for being there and converting our dream scores into reality.
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