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Veritas Prep offers the most diverse and experienced MBA admissions consulting team ever assembled. Your MBA admissions consultant will assist you during the entire admissions process, helping you share your unique story with the admissions committee in the most persuasive and compelling way.  Browse through the profiles of our consultants to see who has the expertise to meet your needs.


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Exceeded my Expectations
January 08 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By DeOtroMundo 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Nitin Agrawal

I would like to start off by saying that I am the first person in my family to attend & graduate from high school and college (engineering); I am also Hispanic American. Thus, my MBA journey has been full of uncertainty: not knowing what made me unique compared to other potential applicants, not knowing if extracurriculars were important to highlight, not knowing how competitive I would be at top schools, and the list goes on.

Nitin was in the middle of moving between cities but nevertheless, he was very responsive and eager to help when I first started the application process. After telling him about my personal background, my college education, and work experience; Nitin not only got a better feel for who I was as a professional, but also who I am as a person—e.g. aptitudes, values, passions, and goals. I thought this was a great to start off because he understood the full spectrum of my candidacy and was thus better informed to provide feedback as I worked through my applications. More importantly, however, Nitin removed a lot of the initial uncertainty and anxiety of the application process by answering all my initial questions. Going forward, Nitin did a great job helping me convey what I believed to be my best self in my school applications.

I was recently admitted to a top 10 school (with a scholarship) and I am waiting to hear back from two other top 10 schools—and I feel confident that I submitted the best apps that I could.

The school package was definitely worth it!

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Sophie - best consultant ever!
January 07 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By Anonymous00212 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep Hourly Packages
Consultant: Sophie

I found in Sophie the best consultant I would have wished to have. Thanks to her I got my top choice - HBS.

Sophie was my admission consultant while I was preparing my essay and CV for HBS, first round. I wrote with Sophie the best essay of my life - and everyone around (HBS and other MBA admits) recognized it. I would have never ever imagined to be able to achieve this result.

I definitely recommend you Sophie. She will help you to make your dream happen. And here are the five reasons why you should definitely get Sophie as admission consultant:

1. She is a real expert
Sophie is a real guru. She perfectly knows what the admissions committee is looking for when reviewing your application. She will ensure that your essay highlights at the same time your real self but also what is the most important to get into your top school. She will find the right balance, and will do an amazing job at assessing you about everything, making sure that the essay is not too short neither too long, that it brings to light what is the best in you, and that it showcases how you are the best fit for the school

2. She will bring the best of you
Sophie will spend time to really know you. Not you as an applicant, but you as a person. At the end of the process Sophie could even guess my feelings and my reactions. She became a very close friend - she knew not only my ambition, my goals and career, but also my emotions and personality (I even missed her at the end!). This has been essential to bring to life who I am, both in the essay and the interview. And this has been key to success.

3. She provides an amazing and honest feedback
Sophie feedback is insightful, clear and constructive. And it is straightforward. She will not try to please you, but will tell you the honest and real true, with the aim of achieving your goal. Even if it is sometime hard to hear (especially under stress and pressure) that your essay can be improved, it has been key to achieve success. Sophie does an amazing job of pushing you (as highlighted before) to bring the best of you, without influencing your ideas or giving a biased feedback. She will just be like your best friend: honest, because she wants you to succeed and she is expert; but also understanding, because she wants you to be You.

4. She will go beyond
Sophie has shown an extraordinary commitment, doing the extra mile. She truly exceeded my expectations. While Veritas ensures its consultants will reply within 24h and review your docs in 48h, Sophie's feedback was immediate - she used to reply immediately and to provide her feedback in few hours, scheduling meetings from one day to other. She adapted to my busy schedule and was very open to sacrifice her own personal time, working over weekends and late nights. She will also assess you in every detail: for the interview, how to be dressed, how to be mentally prepared; while waiting the answer, how to manage your stress and time...Her assessment will go far beyond what you expect.

Last but not least: Sophie cares. When I announced her my admission to HBS, she even cried of emotion.
And she cared throughout the whole process. I found her kindness, patience and understanding truly exceptional, and even inspirational. I have to say that I was not an easy applicant: I got nervous and stressed quite often, I despaired thousands of time, cried...And she was there to calm me down, helping me to step back and move on. I was really not expecting this. But she did, and she did it better than many of my friends. Because she knows the process and she gets to know you. She CARES.

On top of that, Sophie is a wonderful person, with admirable values and principles. I aim to keep in touch with her in the future. She has been a friend and critical to achieving my dream.


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1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By obviousotter 3 9
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Sophie

My consultants from Veritas were exemplary. I came from a somewhat less traditional career path (government + comp sci grad school), and I knew almost nobody who had recently been through the business school admissions process. I was therefore looking for someone who could help me navigate the business school admissions process and provide expertise on what I should emphasize in my application. I was accustomed to writing technical publications and government analysis, and I knew I needed some professional guidance to optimize my admissions results.

I was extremely picky because I wanted a consultant who really understood the government world and business. I spoke with ~6 major consulting firms and reviewed a few candidates. Eventually I talked with Veritas and they matched me with Sophie, who shared a similar background and had admissions expertise.

Her advice was exactly what I needed. We thoroughly discussed my background, career interests, and why I wanted an MBA. We discovered that I already had a fairly good idea of the story I wanted to tell in my application, but I needed help grounding my story and essay into the raw information that the adcom needed. For example, my early essay drafts focused far too much on my justification for business school to the detriment of understanding who I was as a person. I knew both were important, but Sophie helped me strike the right balance while simultaneously asking some great probing questions that really helped draw out my story in the essay.

My school specialist was also incredibly helpful, especially during the mock interview, and had detailed and actionable feedback for all of my responses.

Sophie and my specialist's guidance gave me the peace of mind that, regardless of the outcome, I had put my best foot forward. Three months later I learned the good news--admitted to both Harvard and Stanford!

I chose Veritas because they really cared about pairing me with consultants who were a good match for my background and interests, and I was not disappointed. I would absolutely recommend them.

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Veritas Prep Review
January 04 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By anonymous7301 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Dia Draper

I used Veritas Prep and worked with Dia while preparing applications for 4 top MBA programs. Overall, I'm very happy with Veritas and I'm extremely impressed with Dia. I gained acceptance into the program of my choice, in large part because Dia helped me present my candidacy in the best possible light.

Initial Meeting

Veritas matches you with a consultant based off a questionnaire/personality assessment that you fill out. I was disappointed with the first consultant I was connected with (poor rapport, I didn't have full faith in his recommendations), but after calling Veritas, they introduced me to a new consultant (Dia) in a very professional manner. In hindsight, I should have been more clear with Veritas regarding what I was looking for in a consultant, but it did ultimately work out for the best.

Dia called me and we discussed my goals/motivations for pursuing an MBA. Dia has a ton of experience working in MBA admissions departments and is very personable. Through a bunch of phone calls, we started to create a list of schools that best matched my interests and formulate a strategy.

Personal MBA Game Plan

Veritas sent a soft copy of a Game Plan document that listed my strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to address them. From what I remember, it's generated in large part based on the personality assessment that you take. It was definitely interesting, but I'm not sure it helped me that much. The more information the better, but I think what I was really getting by using Veritas was Dia and the School Specialists. I should add that the school guides that Veritas publishes (I think anyone can access them for free) were very useful, and helped me a great deal in deciding what schools to apply to and answering the "Why school x?" essay questions.

School Specialists

After writing first drafts of the essays and getting (excellent) feedback from Dia, you're introduced to School Specialists who attended the schools you're applying to. I found all of them except for one to be excellent, offering pointed feedback and recommendations on how you can best match your overall application package with the culture of the school. The one School Specialist who I didn't think was excellent was still quite good, but I got the sense that she was handling a lot of candidates at once and may have been pressed for time.

Ultimate Admissions Committee

After you've completed your application package, it gets sent to committees that specializes in each school. This final set of eyes is definitely helpful, and they give really honest feedback on your overall candidacy and how you can improve it.

Interview Prep

Dia ran through several mock interviews with me, and I can't express enough how helpful it was in preparing for the interviews. We ran through tons of questions and formulated strategies on how best to answer questions while trying to align with each schools' culture. I felt overprepared for the interviews, which was great!

Overall Review

I was very pleased with Veritas Prep and would definitely recommend them. They seem to be one of the bigger admissions consulting firms, and that definitely shows with some of the technology (i.e. Game Plan and personality assessments) they use and access to specialists for each school. While that's definitely useful, I think what you're really getting is access to a great consultant (in my case Dia) to help guide you through the application process.

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January 04 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By TarHeel 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Dylan Tatz

I chose Veritas because I had great results with the GMAT course and they seemed to have a superior system (main consultant, school specialists, final review). This proved to be true. I think the initial matching process could be improved, as I wasted precious time on the front end. However, this proved not to be too costly, thanks to my head consultant (Dylan). He was excellent not only with his alma mater (Wharton), but with all of my applications. I very quickly gained trust in him, and I think that was critical to the process. I thought having different perspectives (three for each application) was very valuable, particularly since Dylan understood me well enough to help me sort through it all to create the best application. I can't recommend Veritas, and particularly Dylan, highly enough.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By doneil13 9 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Dia Draper

Prior to beginning this process, I met with many companies to see which one I thought was the best fit for me. After speaking at length to one of the representatives from Veritas Prep I knew they were the right one for me. They were very detailed in explaining what the process would look like and how they planned to help me achieve my dreams.

After filling out a personality test, I was matched with Dia Draper as my head consultant. The best word I can use to describe Dia is "godsend". From the jump, Dia outlined how she worked with her clients and what her expectations were. Throughout the entire application process, Dia was readily available. We met numerous times for interview prep, and she reviewed and edited tons of essays drafts. Dia was able to pull the very best out of me and without her I would have never been able to portray my story the way I did. I’ve never met someone who cared as much about the process as the end result, and I’ve never met someone who believed in me as much as she did.

With Dia’s help, I was admitted into my top choice for business school and both of my other target schools. I am forever indebted to her for not only aiding me in this process but for also helping me learn so much about myself through all of the reflection exercises. Thank you Dia!!

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2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By dungtuan 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Read Flake

I want to strongly recommend Read and Veritas Prep for any one who is planning to apply for MBA program.

As the start, Veritas sent me a 300-page review book on top MBA program which is extremely helpful for me to pick right program.

After picking right schools, I worked with Read on my application profile. After thoroughly review my profile, Read worked with me for months to brainstorm idea for my essay. After each essay draft, Read carefully reviewed and pointed out any sentences which seem unsure, vague, or weak. As international student, I am really appreciated Read's attention to detail and patient to correct my grammar mistakes. I am thankful for Read's help and confident to refer him to any one applying to top MBA program.

Last but not least, Veritas also gave me GMAT material, valued about $800, for free. After using Veritas material, I was able to improve my GMAT score from 710 to 750+ in one month. I found the strategies highlighted in Veritas book are unique and very helpful.

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Worth it
December 25 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By yrza87 2 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Dia Draper

Dia was an amazing support during my application, and I believe she genuinely cares about your success. She was always flexible to meet when I needed to chat, and she always gave timely advice on any writing submissions (including everything from essays to follow-up communications to admissions, etc.). Dia also helps put you in touch with school specialists that are outside of her specialty, but Dia even reviews the work of those specialists (which I don't think is required of her). Ultimately, I got a lot of value out of the advice and feedback, and I would give her my highest recommendation.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Anonymous06 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Marcus Dahllof

When I first set out to select an admissions consultant, my goal was to find a team of people that would truly customize their advice to my unique circumstances. I chose a 3-school package from Veritas Prep based on the strong reviews and positive experiences people had shared in a variety of online forums. I was assigned Marcus Dahllof as my Head Consultant, and soon began to realize just how crucial his advice would be to my eventual success. Marcus and I first spent a lot of time brainstorming my application strategy up front. During this time, Marcus helped me think through the relative strengths and weaknesses in my profile, as well as which programs would be best aligned with my career goals. We then switched gears to essay writing and resume tailoring, where Marcus offered valuable perspective on which topics would be the most compelling. He then meticulously reviewed several iterations of each essay, helping me to link key aspects of my candidacy to unique offerings at specific school. Lastly, Marcus provided feedback on the online applications themselves, highlighting areas where I should elaborate on points raised elsewhere in the application materials. The end result was a highly-customized, impact-focused application for each of my target schools.

I was ultimately admitted to 2 of my 3 target schools, including my top choice (Columbia). With each acceptance, the admissions team commented on the strength of my overall application. There is no doubt in mind that Marcus and Veritas Prep were absolutely critical to this level of success. I honestly cannot recommend Marcus or the Veritas Prep admissions consulting services enough.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By a33jcfve 8 2
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Emily A

I knew I wanted to get an MBA and wanted to use a consulting firm to help my chances.

I filled the personality test and, one day after, I got an email from Emily mentioning that she graduated in one of my target schools and that she was going to be my head consultant. I have to say that she is a superb consultant. She had a lot of patience, especially when we started. I remember that my outlines were very broad and I had no idea how detailed they had to be or how to approach the questions. She kindly explained to me how they had to be, explained topic sentences (I had no idea what they were), and reviewed +30 drafts and outlines. I remember talking with her and exchanging outlines sometimes every day of the week, including weekends. I could tell that she really cared about my application as much as I did.

Emily was very candid and if she didn’t like something, she was very objective mentioning why it was wrong and how could it be improved. Additionally, she has admissions experience and that came really helpful, as in some essays I wanted to mention some things but she explained how it may give a wrong impression on some of the admission people and told me how adjust my message.

She is super responsive. Whenever I sent a draft she replied very fast and gave me the date she was sending back the documents. I have to mention that she hit all the deadlines on time. There wasn’t even a single time when she didn’t deliver the documents when she promised.

Emily also explained how I had to work with specialists. These specialists were great as well. They were very kind and really gave me insight of my top choice schools. The interview preparation was very very good, I had tons of questions to practice from. The feedback I got from my mock interviews was incredibly detailed and really prepared me for the real thing.

I loved the ‘story’ of my application, and I couldn’t have done it without Emily’s help. Veritas is a really amazing service that works for international students too. Take me as an example, I’m from Venezuela, haven’t studied in the US and got admitted to a top school, thanks to Emily and Veritas services! I can’t recommend them enough!

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