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Since its founding in 2002, Veritas Prep has prepared tens of thousands students for the GMAT in more than 90 locations around the world. Today Veritas Prep is the world's fastest-growing GMAT prep and admissions consulting provider.


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GMAT Course Review
Very Helpful
August 10 | 2012
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40 Points

This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Austin, TX USA
Taught by: Kristine Dugan

My course with Veritas was excellent. We met twice each week at a hotel in Downtown Austin and it was in a very small class room setting. There were 6 people in my class. The size of the class was extremely helpful in that it made us comfortable asking any question we might have without feeling like we were holding up others.

The study plan they had us on was just right. The homework required about 10 hours of time each week which works nicely with whatever schedule you might have. The study plan also really helped me structure my studying plan for the test over the 3 months that I studied for it.

My instructor was extremely informative and was very helpful with any question or concern that we had throughout the course. I would recommend her to anyone.

Thank you!

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GMAT Course Review
Highly Recommend Veritas!
March 25 | 2013
     By wthomson91 0 0

80 Points

This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Austin, TX USA
Taught by: Kristine Dugan

The Veritas Prep course is great! It is organized extremely well and the material is broken up into very manageable chunks. Each lesson focuses on a specific question type. Because it is organized this way, you're able to recognize which question type you're facing on the actual test and then apply the appropriate tactics.

The lessons begin with a "Skillbuilder", which should be done before class. These are great refreshers, especially for the math sections, and really allow the teacher and class to do their jobs.

The in-in class lessons are great for really diving into the material and learning exactly how to break down each question type and arrive at the best answer. Kristine, specifically, was great. She showed a genuine interest in the progress of each person in my class.

Doing the homework after each class is a great way to see every question type/format possible for each lesson and reinforce the tactics learned in the lessons. I did every problem and really saw myself improve.

Overall you get out of the class what you put into it. I did every Skillbuilder before class, went to every class, and did every homework. Because I did so, I was able to achieve the score I wanted. I'd highly recommend it!

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