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Categories are the basic content organization tool. They work like tags. Suppose you want to classify a page Foo as belonging to a category Bar. The following code, put on Foo, does exactly that:


From that moment, Foo will appear on the Category:Bar page among all other pages in that category. Also, Foo will carry a link to the Category:Bar page somewhere in the bottom of the article. This happens regardless of whether the Bar category existed prior to the edit or not.

Editing Category:Bar allows to put some text that appears before the index of articles in Bar. This is a good place to describe what Category:Bar is and which pages should it include.

Categories can overlap and be nested, creating tree-like structures.

There is a caveat in linking to category pages. If you want to link to the Category:Bar page, you cannot write [[Category:Bar]] because that would classify your article instead. To produce a link, use [[:Category:Bar]]

How to use the Categories:

  • to group related pages, improving navigation or creating task lists
  • to create index pages for book-like projects, like the present Help project

Which categories are used on the GMAT Club wiki? Check Special:Categories for a comprehensive list.

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