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Maintenance involves two things, screening bad content and ensuring consistency. Content is classified as bad if it violates the terms of GMATClub:Copyrights or GMATClub:Submission policy. As to consistency, content is consistent if:

  • can be reached by navigating the site
  • links properly to other content
  • is not duplicated
  • is properly formatted

Below the common wiki maintenance tools are listed. Note that if a maintenance task is simple and repetitive, it may be better to automate it. Contact User:Tino and describe the task in such cases.

Screening tools

  1. Special:Recentchanges - check to see the recent edits - what is happening on the Wiki;
  2. Special:Newpages - recent additions (less verbose than Special:Recentchanges);
  3. History tabs - to quickly review new edits, click on the history tab of the article in question and ask it to produce a diff of the most recent ant the previous version;
  4. Special:Newimages - newly uploaded images;
  5. Special:Contributions - to see what a user has done on the wiki;

Consistency tools

  1. Comprehensive listings:
    1. Special:Allpages - all articles (by namespace);
    2. Special:Listredirects - all redirects;
    3. Special:Categories - all categories;
    4. Special:Imagelist - all uploaded fules;
    5. Special:Properties - all properties;
  2. Inconsistency tracking:
    1. Special:Wantedpages - linked to but inexistent articles (detects broken links);
    2. Special:Wantedcategories - linked to but inexistent categories;
    3. Special:WantedProperties - linked to but inexistent properties;
    4. Special:Uncategorizedpages - may be hard to locate;
    5. Unused (possibly superfluous) stuff:
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