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Namespaces are prefixes that appear in article names, preset by the wiki sofware. You can see the complete list in Special:Allpages. Here is a basic explanation:

  • (Main): normal articles and pages, having no prefix
  • GMATClub: pages describing the GMAT Club project and its policies
  • User: public GMAT Club member profiles (see Help:Profiles)
  • Help: pages in the Help project, such as this one
  • Image: uploaded images
  • Template: content reused in other pages (see Help:Templates)
  • Category: tag-like entities used to categorize pages (see Help:Categories)
  • Property: more advanced classifiers analogous to Categories (see Help:Properties)
  • Type: property data types (see Help:Properties)
  • Mediawiki: special system pages that control the site presentation
  • Relation: unused namespace

Each namespace also has a corresponding Talk namespace. Every page may have a discussion sub-page. This subpage, if created, is put into the corresponding Talk namespace.

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