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Kudos is an experimental feature we are introducing on the forums. The basic idea is that good contributions should be rewarded. If you have comments or suggestions, make use of the Kudos forum discussion thread [1]

Interpreting Kudos

Near every post, you will see the following information:

 Kudos (this post): 7 [+1]
 Total kudos: 55

This means that the author of this post has collected the total of 55 Kudos points, including 7 points through this very post.

Giving (+1) and receiving

Post are collected when somebody clicks +1 near the Kudos score. If you benefit from somebody's post, do click +1, which will increase that score, both for the user and for the post.

There is a time limit to giving Kudos. An ordinary member can not give more than 1 Kudos an hour to the same recipient.

Kudos given are usually displayed with a delay of approximately 10 minutes due to caching.


  • Kudos on Wikipedia, its etymology and history
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