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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is an outstanding example of a transelite program. In many ways it the equal of many elite schools yet it is somewhat easier to gain admission to UNC. Students who are interested in the elite schools of the US should certainly consider UNC seriously, not as an inferior substitute but as a viable alternative with similar qualities.

Academic Calendar: Modules (4 per year) The first module is precribed. Selectives begin in the Second Module. True Electives can be taken in the Third Module.

The center of the distribution is near 670/3.3.

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill is more expensive than some b-school locations, but the overall COL is still less than half that of NYC. Housing is less than a third as much.

The Raleigh-Durham economic area #24 in the US, larger than that of Cincinnati and roughly the same size as Sacramento (CA).

Placement Data - For one year UNC equalled or exceed the number of placements of UVA and UC Berkeley at McKinsey and Deloitte Consulting.

UNC is a great regional school with a strong reputation in the south-east. In some areas for example - accounting it can hold its own,when compared to other regional rivals - NCSU, Duke, Emory etc. The accounting program at UNC is very strong and respected in the area and in the nation. it has ranked consistenlty in the top 5 for the last 5 years according to the CPA journal of accountancy.

  • Rankings
    • FT 2005 ranks UNC #17 worldwide - just below Michigan and just above Duke.
    • FT 2003 ranked UNC #23 worldwide - just above Michigan and just below Carnegie Mellon.
    • FT 2001 ranked UNC #21 worldwide - just above Virginia (Darden) and just below Yale.
    • EIU 2004 places UNC #37 worldwide - near Illinois, Iowa, and Notre Dame.

CEOs: Dominion Resources (Law).

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