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Fisher College of Business

Overview (by Hjort)

Ohio State is located in Columbus, Ohio.

The Columbus Economic Area is the 31st largest in the US. Other major economic areas in Ohio are large as well including Cleveland (#15) Cincinnati (#33).

Ohio State can safely be considered a strong regional player. However, outside the Great Lakes/Midwest it does not seem to have nearly as much name recognition as some nearby schools (e.g. Univ. of Michigan).

  • Rankings
    • FT 2005 ranks Ohio State #79 worldwide.
    • FT 2003 ranked Ohio State #39 worldwide - just below Rochester and above UC Irvine, Indiana, and Purdue.
    • EIU 2003 ranked Ohio State #25 worldwide - just below HEC Paris and LBS and above Texas, Emory, UNC, and USC (Marshall).
    • EIU 2003 placed Ohio State #16 in the US - just below Illinois and MIT.
    • US News ranked it #21 in the US - just below Texas, Emory, and Washington (UWBS).

CEOs: Ashland, PNC Financial.

Tuition per annum

  • In state: 20k
  • Out of state: 32k


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