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Krannert School of Management

Overview (by Hjort)

Purdue offers a two-year MBA, a one-year MBA equivalent called the MSIA, and an MS in Human Resource Management. Like many other Near Elite schools this is a small program; the two-year MBA has only about 120 entrants per year.

The university is located in West Lafayette, Indiana and is one of the three Near Elite programs in the state. It is located between Indianapolis and Chicago.

Academic Calendar: Semesters divided into Modules

The first year is almost entirely prescribed except for two electives in Module 4. Of the 60 required credits for the two-year program, 35 are prescribed.

The center of the distribution tends to be roughly in the 660, 3.3 range.

It should come as no great surprise that Purdue is popular with students who have technical backgrounds- roughly 50 percent of students have degrees in engineering, science, or technology.

Bus Week students gave Purdue good marks for the academic experience but low marks on recruitment factors.

WSJ and US News both gave Purdue high marks for Operations.

  • Rankings
    • EIU 2004 places Purdue above Indiana but below Maryland and UC Davis.


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