4 Tips for Proofing Your Prose

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Tons of deadlines this month, and I meant to post these tips earlier in the week. Time got away from me. Please use these techniques for essays with upcoming deadlines.

  1. Give yourself a break. Put the application away for a day, overnight, several hours, or at least a coffee break. (More is better, but don't miss the deadline.)
  2. Print out the essay or any document that you want to proof. For some reason, changing the medium helps to restore your critical perspective.
  3. Change your location when you proof. Move to an easy chair or to the kitchen table. Anywhere but where you have been writing and editing forever.
  4. Read the essays out loud. E-nun-ciating. Reading aloud will automatically slow you down and prevent you from skimming. Additionally, your ear will catch awkward sentences and errors that your eye alone may miss.

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