3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Which B-School Offer to Accept

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I am happily hearing about multiple acceptances this week.  I read that Samantha, author of the modestly named Best MBA Blog Ever, has been accepted to three schools: Columbia, Tuck (with $$$), and Kellogg. I am not judging blogs or the accuracy of that blog's title, but Samantha certainly has what to be proud of. Great work!

I also read an email from a client whom I had just congratulated after he was accepted to two top MBA programs. He thanked me and added that he had just received acceptances from two additional programs. Needless to say he is delighted. And we are also hearing from other clients basking in the glow of one, two, three, and four acceptances.

Those happy souls with multiple acceptances have the delightful dilemma of choosing among suitors. Here are factors to consider when making the choice:

Factor #1: Which institution best supports your future goals and most likely career path? This criterion is paramount when you have clear, well-defined goals, for instance, "I want to run an IT consultancy serving financial services firms." If financial aid is an issue, calculate whether the full tuition program will increase your earning power by more than the amount of the scholarship or whether your preference for the more expensive school is worth the difference in cost. For more thoughts on these questions, please see Your Tough Admission Decisions.

Factor #2: Which educational approach do you prefer? Look at methodology, curriculum, and flexibility. For applicants with more general goals, this criterion plays a more significant role.
Factor #3: Where would you rather live for X years? Do you want to live in a big city or small college town? What region do you want to live in? Do you prefer a big university or a small college? Urban or rural? Religious or secular? Liberal or conservative?

Enjoy your great options and use these criteria to guide you as you make your decision.

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