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A few of you may remember my "Tweet Tweet" post last August where I skeptically announced Accepted's participation in Twitter.

Well since then I discovered that I actually enjoy the simplicity and brevity of Twitter: A maximum of 140 characters per post.  It's easy and allows me to share an interesting, new article or thought more quickly than I can with the blog. Additionally, not every item merits a full blog post, but with Twitter I can still get it out there.

I can also ask questions and so far have received really helpful responses from fellow "tweeps." (I'm even getting the lingo.) And finally, I am happy to respond to questions on Twitter and am an active participant in several conversations there.

I would like to have even more fun with Twitter and thank my 340+ followers for letting me into their lives. For some of you, following me means you are adding me to several thousand of your closest, nearest, and dearest friends. For others, you really are giving me entre into a more intimate circle. I appreciate it all.

To express that appreciation and encourage more followers, Accepted is initiating "Thank you Thursday." Starting this Thursday we will randomly pick an Accepted Twitter follower to receive one ebook or book as a prize and thank you.

If you are on Twitter and would like to participate, here's what will happen.

  1. Please follow me on Twitter.
  2. Starting this Thursday and continuing indefinitely every second Thursday, Accepted will pick one Twitter Thank You Thursday winner using TwitRand, a program that randomly picks one of Accepted's Twitter followers.
  3. We will contact the winner to find out which book or ebook the winner wants to choose from the Accepted book store.
  4. We will announce the winner in this blog and on Twitter (unless the winner does not want his/her name revealed.)

Finally, I must give credit to John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, who has a very similar program for his followers on Friday and gave me the idea.

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