MBA Admissions: Responses to MBA Applicant Blog Posts

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I stumbled across a couple of posts by new MBA bloggers. One blogger is about to start b-school, and one wants to apply. My thoughts on two of their posts:

  • In "My first Blog - Who am I" and Why do I want to do an MBA?, The Man Who Thinks He Can explores his reasons for pursuing an MBA. I hope he won't take offense, but he really needs to sharpen his reasons. Detesting his current and previous jobs, as described in the first post, is a terrible reason to apply to business school. The reasons he lists in Why do I want to do an MBA? are at least positive, but they are not specific enough. His post-MBA goal should detail more than "a better network" or the possibility of getting an "enjoyable and well paid job." What kind of job does he want after his MBA? In what industry? Doing what? For most programs, direction and purpose is part of the admissions evaluation. He says that blogging is helping him clarify his thinking, and I hope it continues to do so.
  • At the other end of the process sits Stratcase who has been accepted to b-school and offers suggestions to consultants about the MBA admissions process. I strongly agree with this piece of advice: "try to find a speciality." If you are a "consultant," you are just like all the consultants out there. However if you are an environmental consultant, or a health care consultant, or a process improvement consultant, there are fewer of you applying to business school. That modifier distinguishes you and helps you stand out from the crowd. Obviously, your work experience has to substantiate the title, but if it does, use it. For more tips on applying from consulting to business school, please see:

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