Knewton Discount $390 Coupon for Knewton GMAT Class

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$390 Knewton Discount on Knewton Live Online GMAT Class - Holiday Offer

  • 50-point GMAT improvement guarantee or money back - great if you are retaking GMAT or have 670 and want to get over the 700 hump. You are not losing much to take the class
  • Online adaptive GMAT Class - it changes curriculum based on your performance
  • Total Knewton Class cost is $299 (after $391 discount) or $6 per GMAT point of improvement (based on 50 points). As one person put it - think of it as 35 drinks at the bar ($10 drink + $2 tip)

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Use Discount Coupon Code: KnewtonBest-GMAT-Club

Also - special offer - $79 Discount on Knewton Class - see here for details.

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