12 Secrets to the Good Life at HBS: Tips and Advice

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The HBS cheerleaders at the Harbus newsletter tip off future HBS students about student life at one of the world's best business schools. If you want to get to campus and already be in the know, read on for our interpretation of “12 Things You Should Know About Life at HBS”!

  1. Harvard Business School will keep you busy. Very busy. So don't bother coming to campus with your own list of to-do's. If you didn't have time to check them off before you came to b-school, you're certainly not going to have time once you're there.
  2. There are pros and cons to living on campus. Pro: You can literally roll out of bed and be in class in minutes. Con: You may end up in an 8X10 foot dorm room.
  3. Surviving a long-distance relationship will be tough, especially since the real relationship you should be forging is with your section mates. Don't neglect your new buds in an effort to save a relationship that will probably end anyways.
  4. That being said, get ready to experience love at first site: You're about to meet 90 of your very best friends.
  5. Deep involvement in activities will serve you (and your peers) better than superficial involvement. Therefore, stick with a few activities rather than trying to conquer every extracurricular activity under the sun.
  6. Come well prepared for theme parties.
  7. Come well prepared for a steep learning curve.
  8. Buy binders and stay organized.
  9. Learn to embrace stress. You will be overwhelmed at times; learn to cope.
  10. Despite the stress, you'll have more fun at HBS than in any other classroom setting, including pre-school.
  11. Get ready to give 100% of yourself. It's just two years; you can go back to slacking off afterwards.
  12. Embrace diversity.

How badly do you want to go to HBS now?

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