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  • According to the Financial Times article "MBA degrees more popular than ever," the financial crisis seems to have barely affected the opinions of prospective MBA students. More than 80% of the 723 students surveyed reported that "they were inclined to think of the degree in a more positive light…as a result of the financial crisis." Another interesting finding in the report: Ethics (as a course offering) has slipped to the bottom of popularity lists; classes in leadership and prospective management rank highest on those same lists.
  • The Harbus, the HBS newspaper, reports on Harvard's Immersion Experience Program (IXP), an initiative that focuses on "participant-centered, field-based experiential learning activities." About 400 HBS students shipped off to six different international programs in India, China, Vietnam, Rwanda, Peru, and UAE/Bahrain.
  • State universities continue to make huge budget cuts and plan to further hike up tuition costs, reports BusinessWeek last week. The article "State Universities Brace for Another Brutal Year" discusses how the economic downturn is far from over for state universities, some of which have cut upwards towards $45 million just in the last year and have hiked up tuition 15%. State support for public universities has dwindled, and doesn't seem to be improving any time soon. Students all over the country are up in arms about this, especially those in the University of California system who suffered a 32% tuition increase. The fact that professors and other university personnel are getting laid off certainly doesn't help control the anger factor. Private universities are also in the midst of severe cuts and hikes: Yale just cut $50 million from its yearly budget; Dartmouth plans to lay off non-faculty members to help close its $100 million deficit.
  • While UC Berkeley may have its share of budgetary problems, at least in the area of diversity the funds are flowing due to a $16 million donation received to support diversity initiatives. The donation is from one of Berkeley's largest donors, the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund, and is intended "to support both research and teaching on diversity and to cultivate a campus 'built on fairness and acceptance.'" The goal to include incoming freshmen and community college transfer students who are deemed racially and economically diverse is proving a difficult one since affirmative action in California has been banned. (The Chronicle)

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