Knewton GMAT Prep Tip: What to read to help your Reading Comprehension

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Alex Sarlin is the lead Verbal Developer at Knewton, helping students with their GMAT prep.

Our students often ask about reading materials that help prepare them for the Reading Comp section of the test. While we always remind them that the reading comprehension section is, at heart, about reference and not real reading, we also acknowledge that for those who have been working too hard to pick up a book or magazine, it can be enormously helpful to re-catch the reading bug.

Here is a list of Knewton’s suggestions for real-world reading comprehension practice (this list should also help those for whom English is not their first language).

1. Newspapers and Magazines:

Magazines, newspapers, and journal articles are closer in tone and length to the GMAT than are full-length books. Furthermore, each article is about a different topic, which means readers must pick up the main idea, purpose and attitude of the article within a few hundred words, a key skill on the GMAT.

As an added bonus, all of the magazines and papers listed below have websites or web archives that can be accessed without leaving the computer, many of which are free.



Humanities/General Interest

2. Books

Although just about any high-level reading will help test-takers sharpen their reading skills, we recommend that you pick up books which cover a wide variety of material in relatively short bursts, rather than those that encourage long, sustained reading in which you must remember lots of information. Short, focused, reading on a variety of topics mirrors the reading comprehension skills tested on the GMAT.

Lastly, if you want to get a head start of business school, here is an excellent list of business books from Inc. Magazine. Practice reading while learning business; the best of both worlds!

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