iPad, 1.3.3 update, and what’s next

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Hi all,

Update: Many of you have already updated GMAT ToolKit to 1.3.3 version (Thanks our members therockobama, vscid and others for feedback!). For those of you who still use 1.3.2 here is the list of improvements:

+ Problem Solving autoscan
+ More SC and CR questions available through autoscan (2500+)
+ timer for GMAT Club's forum
+ "smart" idle mode for the Set
+ "guess" option and sorting in the Timer
+ "Previous" & "Next" buttons in the Idioms
+ A "shake" gesture make it easy to repeat last action in the Idioms.
+ "Percents" for the Math tool
+ fixed numeration for the OG Quant 1 book
+ fixed the problem with remembering last question.

iPad: Many of you voted a couple of days ago against developing GMAT ToolKit for iPad. Moreover, I think it would be unfair to charge twice for the same product and have decided to create a universal iPhone/iPod/iPad app but not now. If you feel you need version for iPad earlier, just start emailing me and I won't be able to say "No" 🙂

What's next: It is a good tradition to update GMAT ToolKit every 2-3 weeks and we do our best to turn your feedback into real improvements as fast as we can. Please, keep sending me PMs/emails and posting in the "support" thread! The app is growing fast and it seems we've reached the limit of existing storage algorithm and I need to focus on transformation to much faster one. So, it will be the main task for next 2-3 weeks. And of course I have something interesting and innovative in mind for next update!



Mobile Team

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