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Applying to graduate school can be complicated enough—and that's before you start worrying about how you're going to pay for it. This month's featured ebook, Financing Your Future: Winning Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards for Grad School, will provide you with valuable tips on how to secure funds for the next stage in your educational future.

Want a preview of some of the tips you'll find in Financing Your Future? Here are a few on staying organized during the scholarship search:

You'll likely be juggling fellowship applications and your grad school applications simultaneously. Grad School itself can be a constant dance of deadlines, projects, courses, extracurricular activities, and work. Organization, needless to say, is key.

Whatever organizational system works best for you—using paper files, going all electronic, programming deadlines into your phone—make sure you use it consistently.

  1. Track all deadlines and all activity on each open application.
  2. Note your interactions with your recommenders. When did you contact your recommenders? When did they respond? Have you scheduled meetings or phone calls?
  3. Check the order time for official transcripts. When do you need to order them?
  4. During your research, when you identify future funding opportunities, file that information with your other fellowship materials and make a note of their deadlines.

In this easy-to-download ebook you'll find more practical tips on when, where, and how to apply to various funding sources, as well as receive helpful links and resources about scholarships, awards, and fellowships.

Invest in your graduate school future when you buy Financing Your Future today. Save 20% by entering coupon code FUTURE20 by July 31, 2010. ~ Helping You Write Your Best

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